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When Should You Use Wall Stickers

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Coffee Quote Wall Decal Sticker

The biggest interior design trend today is wall stickers.  Stickers on Macs, wall stickers on toilets, wall stickers on walls, cars, and furniture oh my. They’re literally taking over the world – or at the very least, your interior and car windows. However, not all situations are ideal for these trendy little masterpieces and we even wrote a post on when to avoid wall decals. After all, that quote wall decal isn’t going to hide the hole in the way, nor is that GOT decal going to fix the chipped porcelain throne. We wish!

The good news is,  wall decals are an ideal solution more times than they are not. In fact, they’re the best solution in almost every scenario but here are some of our favorites!

Polka Dots Wall Decal Sticker

When you need a quick fix

Home renovations are costly. Whether it’s a basic bathroom product or a thorough kitchen makeover, it’ll put a massive dent in your wallet or break the bank entirely. Fortunately, wall stickers can help you out when you’re in a pinch for a fraction of the cost. You could probably fill your home with wall stickers 500 times over again and not even come close to the cost of a home renovation. So, wall decals for the win!

We’ve seen some pretty creative ways wall decals have been used as ‘quick fixes’. They’ve been used to spruce up an interior prior to listing a home for sale, to cover up a poor paint job or unsightly décor. You know, the kind of floral wallpaper your great grandma loved? Yes, wall decals can cover that up and make the walls look great again!

We’ve also seen wall decals being used to fix up an old and worn piece of furniture and we’ve even seen  car decals being used to cover up exterior damage. We’ve seen it all, so if you need a quick fix, you’ve come to the right place.

Up Mac Decal Sticker

When you need a pick me up

Since home renovations are so insanely expensive, most people (and their tastes) outgrow their interior long before they can afford to change it. As a result, you start to feel like your home is more like a house, and maybe even a house that you don’t even own. So wall decals can, once again, be a great alternative to a costly renovation. They can be used as a ‘pick me up’ for any interior. Whether it’s dated or worn, toss on a wall decal and personalize the space again!

Tea Cups Wall Decal Sticker

When you need a change

With all of these social media sites showing all various interior design trends and inspiration, you may find yourself wanting a change… every day. Installing a new kitchen or designing a different bedroom every day is unrealistic. However, you can change it up as you please when you have  wall stickers.

Since wall decals are so affordable, it takes nothing to slap on a new one every time you’re in the mood for a change. You just have to make sure you purchase high quality ones that can easily be applied and removed without leaving any residue on your walls.

And for that, we also have a solution. Shop our high quality  vinyl wall stickers at The Decal Guru today. 

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