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12 Hilarious Home Decor To Liven Up Your Interior

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As the saying goes, laughter is the cure to all – even a bad or outdated interior. So, as we embrace this new season, take some time to create some humor throughout your home with these funny wall decals and décor ideas.

Yoda Bathroom Humor

Funny Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Every Star Wars fan will love this funny wall sticker that is so honest it’s hilarious! And as we know, some people need to be reminded about their aim!

Welcome Sign

This is one way to welcome your guests ! A funny homeowner deserves to have some funny décor that makes everyone laugh, even before they enter the door.

Garage Humor

Make sure no one parks in your spot with hilarious garage signs. Whether you live with a grumpy old man or a diva of a daughter, you can’t deny these funny décor items.

Cooking up Laughter

These kitchen towels are way too hilarious to leave out of your home. The puns are sure to cook up some laughs.

No What?

Well, this funny mouse pad is one way to actually make use of your home office! It might even encourage you to be a little productive… Probably not, though.

Never Lost Again

You know you lose your eyeglasses on a regular basis. So, add in this funny décor item and you’ll be sure to always know where they are!

Stupidity vs. Sarcasm

Funny Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Say it all without saying anything at all with funny wall stickers . This quote wall decal lets your guests choose which side of the joke they want to be on.

Funny Art

Well, to be fair, it really isn’t drinking alone… Now, is it? This funny art piece is the perfect excuse to pour another cup of wine.

Perfect Pillow

Now this sounds like a good time. It’s the kind of pillow that brings plenty of laughs into your funny décor as you watch a new comedy flick.

Bedroom Laughter

The bedroom is certain to be booming with these pillow cases …. Booming with laughter, that is.

Sassy Scents

Who cares what the candle smells like. This is the perfect piece of funny décor for your home.

Naked Humor

Funny Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Lastly, get naked. This funny wall sticker is a little bit fierce and a whole lot of funny!

Laugh your way to love, health, luxury, and one hell of an awesome interior. The Decal Guru has all the funny wall decals you need to turn frowns upside down within your home. 

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