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5 Times you Should be Avoiding Wall Stickers

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Map World Travel Wall Decal Sticker

With a quick search online you can find a plethora of articles talking about the various kinds of  wall stickers to buy. However, very few articles address the issue to avoid wall decals and when it’s crucial to do so. We are going to break down that barrier today and teach you when you need to avoid wall stickers and why.

Your wall is damaged

It can seem tempting to place a wall sticker over a damaged portion of the way. In fact, it can be a quick fix when stuck in a pinch. However, this is not a good option if you’re going for long-term aesthetics.

For optimal use and duration of a wall sticker it needs to be placed on a smooth surface. A random nail hole here and there should be ok but peeling paint and knicks in the wall will need to be fixed first.

Star Pattern Wall Decal Sticker

The wall decal is wrinkled

Some  wall decals will arrive a little wrinkly because its inevitable with shipping. This generally isn’t an issue as long as you’ve purchased high quality decals from a store like The Decal Guru. However, if you’re shopping decals and see that they’re all twisted and wrinkly, chances are they won’t go onto your wall very easily or flawlessly either.

Your wall is dirty

Similar to a damaged wall, wall stickers need to be placed on a clean and dry surface in order to ensure durability and longevity. If your wall is dirty, it’s important to clean it thoroughly and let it dry prior to peeling your wall decals and placing them in your home. Otherwise, you risk getting bubbles under the  vinyl wall sticker amongst many other things that can damage the aesthetics of your interior.

Deer Head Wall Decal Sticker

You’re moving soon

If you’re moving soon, now is not the time to put up wall decals if you want them in your new home.  Quality wall decals cannot be transferred from one wall to another, let alone an entirely separate house. Fortunately, these little interior gems are affordable and you can purchase a wall sticker for your current home and your new one. Plus, this can be the perfect way to enhance your home’s aesthetics, value and ultimately, the asking price.

The wall sticker is cheap

Money doesn’t always matter but it certainly does when it comes to wall stickers. We’ve said it plenty of times before – the best, highest quality wall decals are affordable so there’s no reason to try to save a couple of bucks on a cheap one. You’ll only end up spending more money in the end because you’ll have to replace the cheap one. Even if it, by chance, goes on your wall properly, it may bubble, tear and fade. Purchase quality vinyl wall decals; it’s the smarter and frugal way.

The good news is that there’s a solution for every one of these problems. Just remember to always shop quality  vinyl wall decals to make sure you get what you’re paying for. 

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