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10 Dorm Decorations for an Epic Room this School Season

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Dorms suck. There’s no other way to put it. They’re small, they lack privacy, and they don’t even have their own bathroom. Oh, the joys of being a student. The good news is, with these epic dorm décor ideas, you can transform your residence this year. So, while you’re out doing your back to school shopping this year, don’t forget to pick up these awesome dorm decorations.

Dorm Room Welcome Mat

A hilarious dorm room welcome mat is a must. Plus, you don’t want everyone dragging their nasty shoes into your little space. So, this hilarious dorm décor serves two purposes!

Mini Coffee Machine

Everyone heading back to school knows that caffeine is a must have. However, with no kitchen, you might think you’re out of luck… Until you discover this mini Keurig .

Egg and Muffin Toaster

For the times when you don’t feel like getting up and going to the café to eat (or when you’re too hungover to), plug in this Egg and Muffin toaster . Everyone will be flocking to your dorm.

Dorm Décor for the Door

Game of Thrones Mac Decal Sticker

Although this Game of Thrones decal is actually for a macbook, there’s nothing stopping you from putting it on your dorm door. Winter is coming and your dorm floor should be aware.

Epic Throw Pillows for your Dorm

Although your mom likely sent you back to school with floral print pillows, you know they’re never going to see the light of day. So, use these epic dorm throw pillows instead.

Dorm Wall Stickers

Dorm Wall Decal Sticker

There’s no better wall sticker for dorms than this one. Plus, you can find out who you should – and shouldn’t take notes from this semester if you know what we mean.

Smartphone Controlled Lights that Change

Although one of the pricier back to school dorm décor ideas out there, the Edison bulbs are definitely one of the best. You can change your lights to over 1000 shades, sync to your music, turn them into strobe lights, or even a flickering candle effect.

Mini Projector

Forget about binge-watching Netflix on your laptop! This pocket projector puts your shows on the big screen, or rather, wall!

Power Bed

With limited space and dying batteries, you need as many power banks as you can find and ones that can easily be added into your small interior. So, these bed risers are a must have for dorm décor.

Aroma Alarm Clock

You know what’s the worst thing about back to school? Waking up early. But now you can wake up to the smell of bacon, coffee, booze – whatever you want – with the Aroma alarm clock.

For everything else, head on over to The Decal Guru to finish decorating your dorm.

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