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13 Office Decorating Tips For the Boss Babes of this World

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#BossBabe is a serious trend right now and it’s about time. It’s all about women who are taking charge of their lives, their careers and their bank accounts. Determination, courage, and ambition are all required in order to be a boss babe, and of course, a killer office space decorating in wall decals from The Decal Guru doesn’t hurt.

A little office inspiration

Inspirational Office Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Even boss babes get tired sometime. Having an inspiration wall decal in your chic workspace is a must.

Chic overhead lighting is a must

No office space is complete without some chic overhead lighting. It’s the one way to make a statement for all your guests – and clients – to marvel over.

Wall art for a boss babe

Boss babes aren’t gold diggers; they’re goal diggers. They don’t need to rely on other people to fund their lives because they’re doing just fine on their own.

A daily reminder

Inspirational Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Being a boss babe is all about doing what makes you happy, no matter the cost. This chic wall sticker is the perfect addition to a boss babe’s office.

Rose gold lamp

As a boss babe, you work late into the night and need a chic rose gold lamp to take you into the wee hours of the morning.

Boss chair

A boss babe needs a boss chair to show that she’s in charge of her life. This office chair is just as chic as it is comfortable.

Fresh florals for a feminine feel

Every girl boss needs a vase of fresh florals to keep a feminine feel well throughout the space of stacked papers and file folders.

Chic organizers

Office organization is a must in a boss babe’s office space. So, use the color scheme throughout your decorating tips.

White marble laptop case

When the boss babe isn’t in the office, she always has her laptop. Keep your life line protected with a chic white marble laptop case , which dubs as a stunning accessory when not in use.

Gold tape dispenser

Every office accessory has to be chic in a boss babe’s workspace, and this tape dispenser is it.

A chic jolt of java

Coffee is what keeps boss babes thriving! And you guessed it, the mug has to be chic!

Lots of notebooks

A girl boss can never have too many notebooks and the prettier they are, the better!

Dotting the I’s

You need a chic office pen to write in your chic notebooks!

For everything else and all of your surfaces, you have chic wall stickers from The Decal Guru!

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