10 Best Geek Gadgets Everyone Needs in 2017

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Geeks, rejoice! While everyone else is wearing ‘fake glasses’, playing up to the nerd-chic trend and pretending to like Pokemon because it’s now popular, you’ve always had it in the bag. You are a real geek at heart, and you know that this lifestyle isn’t something you can just flick on for the time being. You live, breathe, and eat geek gadgets – or at least, now you can with these epic home décor ideas for nerds !

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

You know exactly why smartphones don’t hold their charge but you aren’t about to take apart yet another expensive phone. So, use this R2-D2 car charger to rev up your tech gadgets when on the go!

Game of Thrones Salt and Pepper Shaker

Decorate your kitchen and prepare to eat with your dragons - or what some people would call friends and family. This GOT Salt and Pepper Shaker set is epic!

GOT Porcelain Throne

Game of Thrones Wall Decal Sticker

Speaking of Game of Thrones, don’t let geeking stop in the kitchen. Turn your porcelain throne into your own with this awesome Game of Thrones wall sticker .

Electric Jellyfish Aquarium

The latest trend home décor for nerds that has everyone geeking out is the electric jellyfish aquarium . They’re like lava lamps, only significantly cooler – or nerdier, depending on how you look at it.

Medieval Cutting Board

It only makes sense to serve up a platter of meat, cheese, and crackers on a Medieval cutting board . Slice like a King (or Queen), and you’ll become the King (or Queen).

R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

You know you love some pizza! Slice in style with one of the coolest geek gadgets you’ll ever see. The R2-D2 pizza cutter even has sound effects. We are so totally nerding out right now.

Keyboard Waffle Maker

The keyboard waffle maker is so nerdy, it even has a website of its own. This geek gadget doesn’t even need a description. It says it all – and tastes even better.

TriWizard Light

Throw out all your lamps because they need to be replaced with the Harry Potter TriWizard light . It pretty much doesn’t get any nerdier than this – and we love it!

Star Wars Tool Kit

This is definitely one of the best geek gadgets out there right now. Fix your space ship, home décor, gaming furniture and more with the Star Wars millennium Falcon Multi Tool Kit .

Star Wars Popcorn

Take a break from your game and pop some popcorn with the Death Star kitchen appliance . This is the perfect home décor for gaming, binging Netflix, movie nights – you name it.

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