10 Car Accessories For The Ladies

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Dog Car Decal Sticker

Anyone can buy a car but everyone turns that car into their very own. Car accessories are the one thing that can take something that everyone else has and turn it into something personalized. Although there is an abundance of custom car options that cost a huge chunk of money, there are just as car accessories that won’t break the bank. From  car decals to car accessories, we’ve got the scoop.

Pikachu Car

Pokemon Car Decal Sticker

There’s no sense in buy car body work when you can simply use a car sticker and turn it into everything you want it to be. This Pikachu car decal is on trend and super hipster.

Car Coasters

Who said coasters are just for tables? Swap out those gunky bottoms with car coasters and you’ll get a custom car look – and one that is much cleaner.

Car Trash Bag

There’s nothing that’ll take away from the aesthetics of your car like a boring plastic bag collecting garbage will. Trade in the floor of garbage or plastic bags for a car trash bag that looks good.

Car Lashes

This ones for the ladies who love their little car as if it were their own child. Car lashes are chic, unique and so haute.

Magical Mirror

Mirrors are boring but they don’t have to be. Turn your car mirror into a glam spot with these car accessories .

Luxurious License Plate

If you’re going to deck out your car mirror, you might as well deck out your license plate and tie the look of your custom car all together.

Car Decals for Girls

Floral Car Wall Decal Sticker

Turn the exterior of your car into a girly masterpiece with floral car decals that everyone else and their mother don’t already have.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Scent

Grab some car vents that show off your love for pumpkin spice lattes. Who doesn’t love those things? These air fresheners are much more chic than the kinds you find in corner stores.

Boho Car Wheel

Turn your boring black steering wheel into a boho statement with this steering wheel cover .

Car Dream Catcher

A custom car look is never complete without a car dream catcher hanging from the mirror. This look is super boho and incredibly chic.

Drive the kind of car that makes you proud. It’s amazing what some car decals and car accessories can do for the aesthetics of your automobile. The Decal Guru has all the car stickers you need; made of top quality to protect your beloved drive. 

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