10 Epic Games of Thrones Décor Items to Binge Watch the New Season

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With the new season of Game of Thrones coming up, there’s no better time to gather your favorite Game of Throne décor. Whether you’re decorating your man cave or looking to add some epicness into your home’s interior, the following GOT items are total must haves.

Game of Thrones Banner

Every GOT home décor needs a banner to display, and this one is way too awesome to pass up on.

Decorate the Toilet

Games of Thrones toilet Wall Decal Sticker

Who says a toilet isn’t worthy of some decorating? Stick this Game Of Thrones wall sticker behind the toilet and you’ll instantly have your own throne… Porcelain throne, that is.

Dragon’s Egg Cookie Jar

Who stole the dragon’s egg from the cookie jar? Everyone! This unique cookie jar is too cool to fight off the temptation.

Macbook Décor

GOT MAC Decal Sticker

Ever Apple-lover knows that having a mac is much more about a lifestyle than it is a piece of technology. So, stick on some Game of Thrones Mac decals to personalize your digital life line.

Tick Tock

Winter is Coming, so count down the minutes with this epic Game of Thrones wall clock . There are lots of different ones out there but this one is by far the best!

Game of Scones

Combine your love for Thrones and scones with this awesome GOT inspired spreader . The pun is too perfect.

Throne Throw Pillows

Not only are these Game of Thrones throw pillows totally epic, they’re also easy to disguise as normal décor for those non-GOT fanatics that come to visit. To them, they’re just awesome pillows but to you, they’re a map to the Winter.

Dinner is Coming

Winter is coming and so is dinner with these awesome Game of Thrones décor for the kitchen. Slice up some snacks for your next binge session.

New House Rule

The new household rule is that, if you must drink you must drink out of a GOT Stein ! Pick your favorite, poor a stein, and prepare for one hell of an episode this season.

GOT Bookend

You have all your seasons on DVD falling over in your entertainment system – and they’re prized possessions, so start taking care of them. This Game of Thrones décor book end is the perfect addition for any interior, especially within the entertainment room.

Winter is coming and it will not wait… Nor will the new Game of Thrones episodes. So, grab these awesome Game of Thrones décor items and decorate your space with GOT wall stickers, and you’ll finally be set to start the new season! 

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