10 Hippie Interior Designs and Decor for the Gypsy Soul

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If you're looking for good vibes within your home, a bohemian interior is definitely a great place to start. 


If you want a bohemian interior that speaks to your inner flower child, you definitely need a dreamcatcher. They’re super trendy and have all the good vibes you’re looking for.

Fringe Pillows

You simply can’t have a hippie interior if you don’t have some fringe. So, these pillows are a must!

Hanging Macrame

Hanging macramé has come back from the past and has brought plenty of bohemian appeal with it. These hanging macramé art pieces are the replacing canvases.

Hanging Macrame Plants

Speaking of macramé, hanging macramé plant holders have also come back from the past, and they too have all the vintage, bohemian vibes you’re looking for.

Kilim Rugs

Replace your area rug with a kilim rug if you’re looking for a happy and hippie place to get comfortable.


Birch Trees Wall Decal Sticker

Add some grounding elements into your interior with a birch tree wall decal. The finished look will absolutely blow your mind, as it looks like you had a professional painter come in, sans the cost, paint smell and time.


Speaking of walls, hang up some tapestries and completely rejuvenate any space within seconds.

Agate Slices

Bring in some natural stone into your home and you’ll have plenty of bohemian style and good vibes filling the space.


Arrows are the perfect piece of home décor that points your interior in the right direction.

Shapely Switches

Swap out your regular light switch plates for ones that have a bohemian feel. Geometric shapes are always a great option.

A bohemian interior is the perfect balance of gypsy inspirations, vintage appeal and positive hippie vibes. Head on over to The Decal Guru for even more boho home décor items that you can peel and stick right into your wall. 

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