10 Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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Halloween is all about being as scary as you can be. Unfortunately, when you have little ones it’s simply not that easy. While scaring them can be fun and hilarious in the moment, it’s you – the parents – who have to deal with the nightmares and 3AM wake up calls. So, chances are, you aren’t going to risk your good night’s sleep for a good scare.

The good news is, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! Here are some kid-friendly decorating ideas for Halloween.

Zombie Response Team

Zombie Reponse Team CarDecal Sticker

If your kids can’t read, then this is the perfect Halloween zombie car decal for you. But then again, even if they can read it’s still a great car decal because you are the zombie response team! It could be worse – you could be a zombie.

Boo Balloons

What kid doesn’t love balloons? These balloon banners could read boo, blood, bad guy and your little one will still love them!

Happy Halloween Sign

Anything that has googly eyes and smiley faces is always a safe bet when it comes to kid-friendly decorations. So, this Halloween sign is definitely a must!

Home is Where the Pumpkins Are

As long as your décor has a pumpkin in it, it can be used as Halloween décor. This Halloween decorating idea is awesome, as it still lets your home appear clean, chic and slightly creepy!

Bat Bowl

Put your candy in this Halloween bowl and enjoy the kid-friendly spookiness. The little ghosts peeping out of the top are a nice little surprise for the little ones.

Halloween Wreath

As long as it’s orange and black, it can be used as a Halloween decoration. This Halloween wreath is a beautiful way to add some spooky style into your home.

Fridge Magnets

What kid doesn’t love magnets? As long as they look cute, they’re super kid-friendly – and what’s cuter than a smiling pumpkin and cute little kitten?


If you’re looking for a kid-friendly Frankenstein , you’ve just found it! Frankie has never looked so cute.

Sparkly and Spooky

Add sparkles onto your Halloween décor and your kid will love them, no matter how young they are!

Hang a Bat

This bat might have a spooky face but it’s a great way to introduce your little one to the “scarier” decorations. After all, if they’re going trick or treating, they should be prepared for what the other homes and costumes will look like.

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