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10 Kitchen Geeky Gadgets for the Ultimate Nerd Kitchen

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Geek gadgets are a thing! Gone are the days where no one wants to be referred to as a ‘nerd’. Instead, the term is often used to describe epic people who have a delectable taste for unique items. So, if you have an inner passion for all things nerd, add these geek gadgets into your kitchen to cook up and conquer.

Star Wars not Starbucks

Starbucks Star Wars Wall Decal Sticker

The first tip to turning your regular kitchen into a geek gadget castle is to start with the walls. Since Star Wars is 100% more epic than the hipster Starbucks, this funny kitchen wall sticker is a must.

Death Star Ice Mold

C’mon! Does it get any better than death star ice molds? These silicone ice trays are perfect for a geeky gadget enthusiast.

Tetris Sandwich Maker

Who doesn’t like Tetris? It’s a classic! It’s a timepiece! It’s totally epic and as you take a bite out of the blast to the past, play with the game that defined your childhood with this Tetris Sandwich maker .

Nerd your Recipe Reader

Nerd Mac Decal Sticker

Everyone uses their iPad in the kitchen as they’re reading off some new nerdy recipe to make. So, decorate your iPad with Mac stickers that show off your geeky aspirations.

Death Star Timer

Every kitchen needs a timer but the one on the stove just won’t do justice for your nerdy aspirations. So, use this awesome Star Wars Death Star Kitchen timer instead. It even lights up!

Star Wars Measuring Cups

Anything Star Wars is a go-ahead when it comes to decorating a kitchen interior with geeky gadgets! Plus, you need measuring cups anyway, so might as well make sure they suit your décor and personality.

Pacman Oven Mitts

Because you love Pacman and because you love cooking! These Pacman Oven Mitts are way too epic to pass up.

Heat-Changing Pacman Mug

Speaking of Pacman, this mug shows the game as it gets filled with a hot beverage. It’s just the perfect way to start the morning.

Darth Vader Toaster

Toast has never tasted so good! Not only does this Darth Vader toaster serve as an epic geek gadget for the kitchen, it also brands your breakfast with the Star Wars logo!

Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker

Sticking with the classic, Lego is right up there at the top of the list. So, shake some history in your interior with these epic Lego salt and pepper shakers.

For everything else, you know what you have to do. Head on over to The Decal Guru and find all the wall stickers you need to transform your kitchen into a geek gadget paradise. 

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