10 Ways to Add Spring Interior Trends into your Home

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Forbid the dark tones and gloomy drapery. The winter months are long gone and it’s time to lighten up your home with spring interior trends. And The Decal Guru has what you need! So, let the warm breeze flow throughout the walls of your home with these awesome ways to add some sunshine into your interior.

Floral Wall Decals

Be Bold or Italic Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Forget about flower arrangements and the high price tag and maintenance that comes with them. Simply stick some floral wall decals where you need a bit of nature, and you’re set for the season.

Tropical Destination

Add some tropical prints into your home with these awesome throw pillows . They also throw in a pop of green which is one of the hottest spring interior trends!

More Mandalas

Mandalas are the must have interior décor item of the year. They add a chic dose of boho chic style, while adding versatility into your home. A mandala can be hung up as tapestry, used as a table cloth, wrapped around you as a blanket or even as a fashion statement.

No Normal Lights

The weirder the light fixtures , the trendier your interior will be this season. This design is only one example of the endless options for sleek and chic lighting.

Branch Out

Tree Wall Decal Sticker

Explore the horizon of possibilities. The spring interior trends are all about incorporate the outdoors indoors. So, add some trees into your home without the falling leaves and mess with some nature wall stickers.

Marble Must Have

If it isn’t white marble , it doesn’t belong within your home. The spring interior trends are all about the white marble that adds sleek, crisp sophistication everywhere it goes. It’s a great way to lighten up your home office too!

Back to Brass

On the completely opposite side of sophisticated materials, you’ll find brass as one of the top spring interior trends. How’s this brass bed frame for bed envy?

Geometric Décor

Think outside of the box with your interior décor. This season is all about geometric décor , sculptures, statures and more.


Alongside your nature wall decals, add in some terrariums which are one of the most popular spring interior trends. They help bring the outdoors inside without the maintenance required for other plants.

Pineapples at their Pique

Pineapples are suddenly one of the chicest fruits out there. From interiors to fashion runways, everyone is rocking some pineapple print and these light switch covers are too cool to pass up!

Lighten up your home today with these spring interior trends and you’ll be set for this season and the next! The Decal Guru has all the wall decals you need to achieve the look without having to repaint your entire house. 

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