11 Amazing Back to School Classroom Decorating Ideas

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Back to schoolseason has officially begun. Whether you’re decorating your classroom or a homeschool room in your home, here are some awesome classroom decorating ideas that will turn your four walls into an educational powerhouse.

ABC Classroom Stickers

ABC Wall Decal Sticker

Depending on the age of your students, you may want to add some  ABC classroom stickers on the walls. This back to school decal will serve as an excellent reference for any children learning how to write and/or spell.

Organization at Its Finest

Despite your students having all their school supplies, it’s only a matter of time before they start losing them. So, set up this organizer in your classroom to ensure your students are always prepared to learn.

Welcome your Students Back to School

Hang this welcome banner in your classroom to get your students excited about back to school. The fun colors are perfect for primary grades.

Inspire Creativity

Hang some poms, lanterns and tassels from the ceiling in your classroom and inspire some creativity. Kindercraze shows how it’s done!

Attendance Check

Taking attendance has never been easier with this awesome classroom organizer .

Hall Passes for your Classroom

Hopefully your students won’t have to use the hall pass too much but in case they do, you’ll want to be prepared. These hall passes add some décor into your classroom while also helping you stay organized and on top of your students.

Self Inking Stamp for Teachers

For the times when your students need to have their parents sign, let this self-inking stamp do the writing for you! Hopefully, the parents are signing for positive reasons and not because of failed tests.

Classroom Chair Pockets

When their desks start to overflow, add these chair pockets onto their seats for optimal organization.

Welcome your Students Every Day

Now that back to school has already begun, you can remove the banner. But don’t forget to still embrace their presences each and every day with this unique classroom sign .

Hanging Display for your Student’s Artwork

Show off your students’ talents with this hanging display that also adds a pop of personality into your classroom. It’ll also teach your students about organization!

Inspirational Classroom Stickers

Classroom Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Every child deserves to be inspired to learn every time they walk into the classroom. So, decorate your classroom walls with inspirational quotes that’ll get them excited about their education.

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