12 Awesome Finding Dory Home Décor

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Finding Dory may have come out last year but it’s one of those movies you watch time and time again. Chances are, if you have littles ones you’ve probably seen Finding Dory and Finding Nemo more times than you like to admit. But hey; at least it’s educational for them and entertaining for you. So, if you have a little fishy in your household who’s obsessed with Finding Nemo or Finding Dory, here are some awesome Finding Dory décor to add into your interior.

Hank the Octopus

Octopus Wall Decal Sticker

In Finding Dory, Hank the Octopus is a main character. He’s like the cranky one you can’t help but love. Select the Octopus  bathroom wall sticker in orange and you have your very own Hank. This is a great way to get the little ones excited about the potty!

Just Keep Swimming Sign

Just keep swimming, just keeping swimming… This sign is the perfect piece of motivation.

Finding Dory Pillow

No bedroom interior is complete without a Finding Dory pillow , personalized with your child’s name on it.

Finding Dory Lamp

Fish need light sometimes too and this Finding Dory lamp is a great way to tie your oceanic home décor together.

Finding Nemo Throw Pillows

Add your love for the movies into your home where you watch them! This Finding Nemo throw pillow quotes the cutest line from the film.

Finding Dory iPad Stickers

Finding Dory Mac Decal Sticker

Kids nowadays know how to say iPad before they know how to walk. They’re obsessed with these little pieces of technology. So, decorate theirs with a Finding Dory mac sticker to channel their creativity.

Hand Painted Kleenex Box

If there’s any eyesore often found within an interior, it’s a Kleenex box. Hide the cardboard with this hand painted Nemo and Dory tissue cover .

Finding Nemo Light Décor

With all these new lights, you can’t forget about the switches. Add these outlet wall plates into your interior for a consistent theme.

Telling Time with Dory

Hang this Finding Dory wall clock up and tell the time with your favourite fishy friends.

Finding Nemo in the Dark

You can’t forget about nemo! This unique Finding Nemo nightlight is perfect for your kids room décor.

Welcome Sign

For the adults who love Finding Dory just as much as the kids, this welcome sign is the perfect Finding Dory décor for the entryway of your home.

Finding Door Sign

Finding Dory home décor can be just as inspirational as it is appealing. Add this personalized name sign on their door to open their eyes into an oceanic paradise.

At The Decal Guru, you pick a custom color for any of ocean wall stickers (or any wall decals for that matter). So, turn any of the fish wall decals into the colors of Finding Dory characters and you’re ready for a fishy interior! 

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