14 Educational Interiors for Pre-Schoolers

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Kids are like sponges. They soak in absolutely everything that’s around them. Keep educational opportunities around them at any given time by decorating your home with educational interior home décor. Educational wall decals are always a great option and with the vast array of options at The Decal Guru, you can find one that suits your little one’s personality and learning style.

ABC Wall Stickers

ABC Wall Decal Sticker

Every pre-schooler deserves to know their ABC’s. Even if the words sound like jumble, now is a good time to start teaching them their letters. This educational wall sticker is great for classroom decorations and bedroom interiors.

Puzzle Interior Décor

Swap out the regular toys for educational toys that also serve as interior home décor.

World Educational Wall Decals

Travel Globe Wall Decal Sticker

This educational wall decal is perfect for homes with little ones. It’s educational while also being the perfect piece of home décor for the travel-lovers out there.

Encourage Reading

No children’s bedroom interior is complete without a book shelf full of educational opportunities.

Educational Pillows

Who needs boring pillows within your kid’s bedroom interior when they can be educational? These pillows are the perfect piece of home décor for pre-schoolers.

Solar System Night Lights

Pre-schoolers love their night lights . Make sure it’s educational with this awesome home décor.

Ant Farm Décor

Ant farms’ can be really unique pieces of home décor that are also incredibly educational. Just make sure the kids know that the ants stay in the farm.

Throw Pillows

Keep educational opportunities throughout your home interior with unique throw pillows ! These are a great addition to a playroom.

Kid’s Clock

This kid’s clock is a great way to teach your little one how to spot numbers and learn how to tell time.

Inflatable Solar System

This inflatable solar system is a great addition for a kid’s bedroom interior. However, if it takes up too much space, you can use a wall sticker for the same appeal and effect.

Educational Tablecloth

Cover the play table with this educational tablecloth and swap it out for a new one once they’re older. It’s such a simple thing with so many educational opportunities.

Dinosaur Garland

Garland isn’t just for the holidays and banister. Hang this educational garland in the kid’s bedroom interior for plenty of aesthetics and education.

Space Divider and Sensory Toy in One

This space divider is a great way to separate the toys from the interior. It has all the furnishing for childhood learning.

Educational Fridge Magnets

Don’t forget about the fridge magnets . In between making school lunches, dinner, and bedtime snacks, let your little one play with some education.

You can have a bedroom interior for kids that is beautiful or a bedroom interior for kids that is beautiful and educational. Shop The Decal Guru today for all your educational wall stickers that are perfect for decorating a home or a classroom. 

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