5 Awesome Sprinklers To Get Your Kids This Year So You Can Redecorate with Wall Stickers

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Sprinklers? Sprinklers? What does sprinklers have to do with interior design? Well, not much at all, but what sprinklers do do is tire your little ones out so they can go to sleep peacefully in their  princess bedroom or superhero room when it’s time for bed. So, bring on the sprinklers!

(Plus, 2018 has come out with some seriously awesome sprinklers that even have us adults excited about!)

For the Dinosaur Loving Kids

How awesome is this dinosaur sprinkler? It's perfect for the kids who have INSISTED on having a dinosaur themed bedroom. 

For The Future Fireman or Firewoman

If you have a little one in your home that seems to be obsessed with everything-fireman, then this is definitely the sprinkler for your family this year. 

For Keeping The Kids Bouncing for Days

Keep your kids bouncing all-day long with this awesome sprinkler that sprays water out of a giant ball. You'll have more than enough time to stick your new wall decals on! 

For Ocean-Loving Little Ones

What an awesome sprinkler idea for the little ones that love the ocean. While your kids are out playing, take this time to redecorate their bedroom into a Little Mermaid themed room

For The Boy or Girl with a Bohemian Bedroom

We've talked about bohemian interior design a lot on The Decal Guru because it's a huge trend. It seems like every boy and girl - and their parents - are adding nature into their bedrooms. So, naturally, this sprinkler is a must because it follows en suite. 

As a bonus, while your kids are outside playing in their new sprinkler, you can spend this time sticking on all your new wall stickers! It’s a win-win for kids and parents. So, don’t forget to grab some new  spring wall decals from The Decal Guru before you go out and get those sprinklers. 

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