6 Creative Wall Decals for Classrooms

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Quick! The kids are about to starting rushing in through the front door of your classroom and it’s time to start your back to school decorating. Fortunately, with a couple of sticks of classroom wall stickers, those blank white walls can be transformed into four walls that create a creative space for children to learn.

Welcome Classroom Wall Sticker

Welcome to Wonderland Decal

Forget the ‘Welcome Class of 2018-2019.’ Show the kids that you’re original and creative with a classroom wall decal that welcomes not only new students but also, their wild imaginations.

Letter Wall Sticker

Alphabet Wall Sticker

Depending on the age of your students, this Alphabet Wall Sticker for classrooms may be the excellent addition to the room.

Growth Wall Sticker

Ruler Growth Wall Decal

Again, this wall sticker for classrooms truly depends on the age of the kids you’re teaching but don’t be mistaken because this growth wall sticker can also be used as a learning tool about measurements and rulers. So, anything from kindergarten to grade 3 will find this oversized ruler helpful.

Family Class Tree Decal

Family Tree Wall Sticker

A classroom is not a classroom without those cheery faces that sit in their desks every day and it’s important to make them feel like the classroom is their special place. So, why not take a family tree wall sticker and turn it into a family class wall sticker? Ask your students to bring in their favourite picture of themselves and start sticking.

Wild Life Sticker

Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker

Children thrive in the great outdoors. That’s why classrooms are being designed with massive windows and why some schools are even taking all of their classes outside for most of the day. While that isn’t always plausible, it is always easy to bring the wonders of the world indoors and this beautiful Cherry Blossom Deer Wall Decal is a great start.

Inspirational Wall Stickers for Classrooms

Inspirational Quote Decal

No classroom is complete without some inspirational quotes! Here at The Decal Guru, we have plenty so be sure to shop our vast selection of quote wall decals. In the meantime, here’s a look at one of our favourites.

Oh, and that’s only to name a few! For more classroom decoration ideas and wall stickers for classrooms, head on over to The Decal Guru. We have all the creative décor you need to add some excitement into the room. 

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