7 Awesome Baby Accessories for Modern Moms-To-Be

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Nursery Wall Decal Sticker

The delivery date is fast approaching and you’re excited to meet the little one! Becoming a mom for the first time is inarguably one of the best moments in life. The excitement is unreal. However, you can’t deny that it’s also an incredibly stressful time. You’re trying to purchase all the right baby accessories to proof your home, to become an epic modern day mom, and to, of course, provide your little one with the best life ever. Here are the must have baby accessories every mom-to-be needs – and don’t worry, mom jeans are not one of them.

Baby On Board

Baby On Board Decal Sticker

Listen, people are crazy drivers out there but as soon as they see a baby on board sticker other drivers know to back off. Unfortunately, a lot of baby on board stickers are super boring but not this one! The hubby will definitely approve of the move theme as well.


Forget all the other teething baby accessories . All you need is Sophie. The world doesn’t know why but babies are obsessed with gnawing on this giraffe. Its natural rubber makes it super safe and just as effective. Get a Sophie!

Self-Warming Feeding Bottle

While it may seem like you’ll always be around to heat up a bottle, there will come a time when the baby screams and there’s no stove or microwave around. This Self-Warming Feeding Bottle will come to the rescue more times than you think.


While this baby accessory is for while you’re pregnant, it still deserves a mention. With the BellaBeat, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat without a trip to the doctors. Isn’t technology great?

Vibrating Mattress

As you’re about to notice, anything that gets your baby to sleep is a must have baby accessory. Slip this pad under the crib mattress and let the vibrations soothe the cries and embrace the zzz’s.

Growth Chart Wall Sticker

Growth Chart Wall Decal Sticker

One of the best things about being a mom is watching your little one grow. Track every milestone without damaging your home with a growth chart wall sticker . There are plenty of styles on The Decal Guru. So, if the rule isn’t suited for your nursery décor, have no fear. Just browse the collection!

iPad Car Holder

It’ll be a while until your little one is front-facing in the car but you’ll certainly want an iPad Car Holder as soon as you make the switch. As soon as you give birth, you’ll quickly notice the power an iPad has on children today. Plus, if you already have a tablet, this is a much cheaper alternative to installing a DVD player in your car.

You’ll be the hippest mom on the block with these awesome baby accessories.  Decorate your nursery with wall decals, send a message to other drivers with a unique baby on board sticker, and be all decked out for delivery with The Decal Guru

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