7 Decorating Ideas to Keep Your Kids Learning At Home

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As children trek back to school this month, it’s important for parents to take the time to transform their homes into educational learning spaces. Once the school bell rings, children get distracted and like to forget about their homework. This will lead to discrepancies in and out of the classroom, and should be avoided at all costs.

To ensure your child continues to learn even once school’s out for the day, implement this classroom decorating ideas in your home to keep their brain’s stimulated.

Stick a Growth Chart Decal on the Wall

Growth Chart Wall Decal Sticker

Growth chart wall decals are the perfect addition to any home that has little ones running around. Not only does it help them learn how to count and track measurements, but it also allows you to see your little one’s growth throughout the year.

Worldwide Banner

Banners are fun, decorative and the perfect piece of décor that’ll encourage your kids to learn more. Hang one that has the flags of every country, and many learning opportunities will follow.

Educational Word Games

This game is not only educational but fun for the entire family. It’s a combination of dominoes and scrabble, where you have to match the words to build a train. What a fun way to keep education in your home while also encouraging family time!

ABC Wall Sticker

ABC Wall Decal Sticker

Every child needs to know their ABC’s and even after they’ve memorized them, they may still have difficulty remembering which ones which. This alphabet wall sticker will help with that and it will also teach them what the letters should look like once they start learning how to write.

Educational Fridge Magnets

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you dine together, do homework together, and share stories about your day. Your child will be spending plenty of time in the kitchen, so make they’re inspired with some educational fridge magnets.

Math Set

Math is tricky but it’s easier when you have a wood math set. This awesome math game set can be used to teach numbers for the little ones, and can also be used to teach math equations as your children begin to grow.

Solar System Décor

Every child should know the solar system and when it’s bright, fun and colorful, they’ll be eager to learn the names and patterns of each planet. So, hang a solar system photo to encourage educational experiences within your interior.

Fill in the blank spaces within your home with educational wall stickers from The Decal Guru. From inspirational quotes to sensory stickers, we have everything you need to keep your child learning. 

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