7 Things Every Gamer Needs in Their Home

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X-Box, PlayStation, PCs, oh my. There are so many devices to love. As every true gamer knows, gaming is not just a game. It’s a hobby, a lifestyle and a theme. So for all of you out there sick of your boring interior that says absolutely nothing about who you are as a person and gamer, this one’s for you. Here are the 7 things every gamer needs in their home.

Drink with the best with World of Warcraft mugs

Every true gamer has played WoW at least once. Chances are, you got hooked within seconds and World of Warcraft is now a regular within your life – and as it should be. So, cheers to WoW with these mugs.

Keep it classy with a PacMan decal

Pacman Mac Decal Sticker

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Pacman. It’s a classic game that was created way back in the 80s, and it revolutionized the way people gamed. And seriously, how many games from the 80s are still played today? Not many. So this Mac decal is a must.

Wash up with some Nintendo soap

Just when you think you’re looking at a piece of gaming history, you realize that this couldn’t be any more modern. These Nintendo 64 cartridges aren’t games at all, but rather, they’re soaps! Our life is complete.

Donkey Kong shelving units

You need somewhere to store your massive collection of games and devices, so this Donkey Kong shelving unit is a must. This is almost too awesome for real life. Someone pinch us!

Mario cart in real life

Mario Cart Car Decal Sticker

Car stickers are an awesome way to basically say, ‘If you don’t get it, we can’t be friends.” Someone who doesn’t know what these symbols mean clearly haven’t lived, which is why these Super Mario cart, or rather car stickers are a must. Sure, your car isn’t in your house per se, but we just couldn’t leave these out.

Halo helmet as the perfect décor item

Regular people won’t understand why you have a decorative helmet on your fireplace mantel, and they don’t have to understand. Why? This is your house and you understand the true epicness of having a Halo Helmet in your house. End of story.

Snuggle up with an original Nintendo blanket

Do we really need to explain why this Nintendo blanket is an absolute must have for every game out there? This blanket is life because this controller was likely a part of your entire childhood.

It’s your home and you can do what you want with it, which is obviously deck is out with some seriously epic gaming décor you found in the deep corners of the worldwide web. For everything else, TheDecalGuru has all the wall stickers and decals you need. 

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