7 Ways to Create a Sensory Room in your Home: For Girls

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Sensory rooms are all the rage! Despite the common misconception that they’re only for children with special needs, the truth is that all kids can benefit from having a sensory room of their own, as they’re highly therapeutic and engaging. So, if you’re ready to treat your little one to a DIY sensory room, here are some things you’ll want to add into the space.

Fuel the Imagination with Wall Decals

Owl Birch Tree Decal

There’s no room for plain, white walls in a sensory room! So, start transforming the space into a DIY sensory room with wall decals that ignite your little one’s imagination like this Owl BirchTree wall sticker.

Knot Pillows

Knot Pillows are just as practical as they are stylish, and they’ll keep your little one busy!

Sensory Cushion

If your little one likes to fidget with all different types of items all at once, a sensory cushion is a must in their DIY sensory room.

Kids Hammock

We all wish our parents let us put a hammock in the house when we were little. Today, kids hammocks in the house need no convincing, as they’re one of the top recommended items for sensory rooms.

Busy Board

Keep your little one busy in a constructive manner with a Busy Board.

Decorate the Tech with Macbook Decals

Animal Planet Mac Decal

No sensory room is complete without some tech. So, decorate your little one’s iPad with creative macbook decals that are just as satisfying as the apps they enjoy.

Play Table

Let your little one dig their hands into all types of textures with a play table! It even has lights to make this sensory item super versatile.

Lighting, colors, textures, objects, oh my! Start building a DIY sensory room in your home today with a trip over to The Decal Guru to transform those boring walls into exciting stories. 

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