8 Design Ideas for a Princess Bedroom

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It’s time to treat your little one to the princess bedroom of their dreams. With these unique decorating tips, princess bedroom design ideas and premium vinyl wall stickers, you can have this home renovation project done in as little as one day. Now that sounds like a fairly tale.

Disney Castle Wall Sticker

Disney Castle Wall Decal Sticker

What’s more fitting for a princess bedroom than the ultimate castle around? Our Disney Castle wall sticker is definitely one of the best decorating tips around.

Princess Fixtures

Sometimes, the best parts of a princess bedroom are the ones often overlooked. So, swap out those standard, boring bedroom fixtures for princess-themed one.

Princess Decals

Snow White Mac Wall Decal Sticker

What kid doesn’t own an iPad nowadays? Heck! “iPad” was likely your little ones first word when they were a baby. So, a princess decal is definitely a must for their most prized possession. However, these awesome mac stickers can be placed on various surfaces – tech and not. So, explore the princess possibilities.

Princess Pillow

There’s nothing wrong with your little one wanting a princess bedroom, nor is there anything wrong with her wanting to be saved by a prince. However, this princess pillow also teaches her that she doesn’t need saving at all.

Princess Door Sign

Every princess needs a door sign that marks the entrance to their princess bedroom. So, this homemade one is definitely a must!

Princess Chandelier

Every princess deserves to shine bright like a diamond and this princess chandelier will do just that!

Princess Dream Catcher

No princess deserves to have her dreams swept away in the middle of the night. So, hang this beautiful princess dream catcher to ensure her wild imagination thrives all through the night.

Princess Crown

Lastly, every princess needs a princess crown in her princess bedroom! Geez! Say that 5 times fast.

When your little one isn’t prancing around in this beautiful gem, it’ll dub as the perfect piece of princess décor.

Every little girl needs a princess bedroom and what better way to do that than to avoid painting altogether? With our premium vinyl wall decals, you can peel and stick the perfect princess scene onto every wall you desire. It’s quick. It’s affordable. It’s easy. More importantly, it’ll look like you got a professional painter to come in and paint a mural. 

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