8 Epic Designs and Decor for your Inner 90's Child

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Everyone knows the 90s was the best. We are the last generation before the older millennials came along, and while we are still considered to be millennials, we’re old enough to know just how epic the 90s were. So, if you grew up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yoshi and Mario Kart, here are some awesome  decorating tips to add into your interior design.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Funny Mac Decal Sticker

The younger millennials may know this reference but only if they have awesome older siblings or young parents! This song was a hit in the early 2000s and although it isn’t a 90s song, it’s certain to make you thing back to all those epic years before the modern world took over. And now, you can get this hilarious reference in a  Mac sticker

Mario Kart and Yoshi

Mario and Yoshi Wall Decal Sticker

If there were two people in this world you’d want to be on a deserted island with, it’s Mario Kart and Yoshi… and an iPad of course. So, this 90s mac Decal is a must!

Furby Pillow

You can’t deny that you went absolutely crazy for a Furby when you were younger. Everyone did! And while this isn’t the real Furby, this pillow version is a much better alternative at this stage in your life without lacking nostalgia.

Lava Lamp

You simply aren’t a 90s child if you never wanted a lava lamp ! Heck, you probably still want a lava lamp and thankfully, people are bringing them back to the shelves.

Glow In The Dark Star Stickers

The coolest kids in the 90s always had Glow In The Dark star stickers pasted all over their ceiling! And now you can too! At the very least, you can make sure your child’s bedroom is totally epic and inspired by the 90s.

See-Through Phone

We had some pretty epic technology back in the 90s, like this Conair see-through phone !

Inflatable Chair

And when you were chatting away on your see-through phone, you were likely sitting on an inflatable chair !

Bean Bag Chair

Or you were sitting on one of these comfortable bean bag chairs !

While there was so much more to love about the 90s, these were definitely some of the best interior décor items we had! Still want more? Head on over to  The Decal Guru to explore more nostalgic 90s memorabilia and wall decals. 

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