8 Rad Home Decor Ideas for Your Inner 70's Hippie

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It’s time to bring back the times when it was all about sex not war, platform shoes, disco balls and shag rugs. Here are some awesome  home decorating tips that are certain to bring some vintage appeal into your home.


Macrame was very popular in the 70s and up until only recently, it completely vanished from homes across the world. But now, they’re back and they’re better than ever. The most popular styles are macramé plant hangers and they’re super retro.

Floral Walls

Floral Wall Decal Sticker

No, no! Don’t go looking for floral wallpaper – that’s simply never a good thing in today’s modern world. However, you can redecorate with floral wall decals! This alternative is extremely trendy in today’s interior design and it can give you all the 70 nostalgic vibes you were looking for.

Frog Sponge Caddy

If you didn’t have this sponge caddie in your kitchen, you really didn’t live… at least not in the 70s… or 80s… or 90s. This kitchen accessory was a staple within homes for several different generations and it’s time we brought it back.

Weird Kleenex Boxes

Even today, people are still decorating their Kleenex boxes in weird covers but in the 70s, they did it even better! Here’s one of our favourite vintage tissue box covers from the 70s.

Awesome Lamps

If only we had epic lamp and lighting fixtures like this today. The only way to get this kind of awesomeness in your home is to go with retro, vintage options. And as you can see, doing so is totally worth it.

Shag Rug

Shag rugs are known as Flokati rugs , and they are definitely must haves within the home if you’re channeling your inner 70’s hippie. While these rugs first became popular in the 60s, they extended well into the 70s and should have never stopped there. So, it’s time we bring some shagging back, shall we?

Gold Pin Leg Furniture

If there’s one piece of 70s furniture that’s highly desired during this time of interior design trends, it’s gold metal pieces . However, add in the pin legs that were prominent in the 70s and you have a modern day masterpiece of vintage inspiration.

Vintage Appeal

The easiest way to add some 70s vintage appeal into your home without breaking the bank is to do so with The Decal Guru. Trade in the vinyl records for some vinyl wall stickers and you’ll be one hell of a modern hippie! 

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