8 Ways to Turn a Dated Kitchen into a Modern Day Masterpiece

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Tea Cups Kitchen Wall Decal Sticker

Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most important rooms in a house. A dated kitchen can turn even the most stunning home into an eyesore. So, it’s time to fix it up without an expensive kitchen reno. With these kitchen decorating tips, you can turn your time capsule into a modern day masterpiece.

Chic and Simple

Bistro Kitcehen Wall Decal Sticker

The best kitchen reno is always going to be the one that is simple, affordable, and modern! This kitchen wall sticker will bring plenty of warmth into the space while recreating a small, café appeal.

Custom Cutting Board

Most people leave their cutting board out on the countertop. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst decorating tips if the cutting board isn’t appealing! So, swap out the sliced up board currently acting as an eyesore in your kitchen for this custom one.

Cute Mugs

Cups and mugs are often hidden behind the cupboard doors but for the times they aren’t, they need to look great. Mugs can also be hung up to decrease clutter while also using them as a décor item. So, make sure you have some cute mugs for you and your guests to enjoy.

Bold Statement

If you want your kitchen reno to make a statement, trade in the wooden block of knives for this kitchen accessory . It’s hilarious, awesome, and just as practical.

Stone Sponge

There’s nothing worse for your kitchen reno than a smelly sponge taking up the space. Focus on the small details to save major bucks and this sponge holder is a great place to start.

Affordable Art

Kitchen Wall Decal Sticker

Again with the affordable – you just can’t go wrong with kitchen wall decals. We picked these for your kitchen reno because they’re the perfect piece of art for a kitchen without the expensive price tag.

Wine, Please

We are pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than this. A wine dispenser is a MUST within every household.

Pretty Plugs

These kitchen accessories are absolutely genius. With all the cords dangling over edges and wrapping around the countertop, the aesthetics of your kitchen reno can quickly be ruined. But not with these pretty plug holders.

Just peel and stick! That’s one of the easiest decorating tips you’ll ever need. Better yet, if you stick with high quality kitchen wall stickers, it can look like a professional artist came in to decorate. It’s genius. Shop our vinyl kitchen wall decals today and start your kitchen reno the smart way. 

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