9 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Kids Who Love Cars

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It’s time to put some vroom into the room. Whether you have a little one who loves the movie Cars or who simply can’t get enough of things with four wheels, these are the 9 bedroom decorating ideas you’ve been looking for.

Back to the Future

Back To The Future Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Your little one likely has no idea what these quote means or where the car comes from, but they’ll definitely appreciate the fancy Delorian being displayed on their bedroom wall.

Personalized Door Sign

Because every racecar driver needs their own personalized bedroom door sign .

Volkswagon Punch

VW Car Wall Decal Sticker

It won’t be long until your little one starts hitting your arm every time you see a Volkswagen Bug . Yes, kids still do this. So, might as well show them what to look for with this VW wall decal that can also be applied as a macbook sticker.

Night Ride

We love these vintage car-themed pillows because your child won’t outgrow them as soon as they move on from Disney’s Cars to old-school Dukes of Hazard.

Display Car Toys

Simply these car toys around your little boy’s bedroom and the car-themed bedroom will be complete. Plus, they’ll have some new toys to play with.

Car Hooks

Give your little one a place to hang their race-driver costume and book bag with these awesome car hooks .

Car Outlet Plates

The easiest way to transform a room is to simply trade in the generic options for specific ones, such as car light switches .

Night Light for Racers

Every car lover needs a night light to help them drive their imagination to great speeds. So, this one is a must!

Time to Fly

Your little one’s favorite movie is probably Cars, so might as well add in this Disney themed wall clock because you know it’ll be a hit!

Car Lamp Shades

Speaking of lights, this cars lamp shade is too awesome to pass up.

Need more cars to fill the space without physically taking up more space? Head on over to The Decal Guru for all kinds of kids wall stickers

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