9 Epic Back to School Essentials That’ll Keep the Semester Exciting

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Back to school season has officially arrived and it’s time to start picking up your back to school essentials. But what’s fun about books, binders, and note pads? Not much! So, to put the excitement back into the most dreadful season of all, here’s a list of back to school décor and essentials that’ll make even the longest, most boring classes bearable.

Decorate your tech

Geek Mac Decal Sticker

You’re about to be spending a significant amount of time on your lap top. From late night study sessions to massive papers, your tech is about to become your partner in crime. As awful as it sounds, it can be slightly less-awful with some nerdy mac stickers. At the very least, you’ll have something to look at when your class is insanely boring.

Smart Pen

Technology has come a long way and it’s amazing for back to school! The Livescribe is a pen that automatically uploads whatever you write or draw onto your computer. No more taking pictures of your work or rewriting your notes online.

An Erasable Notebook

Being a student likely means you’re broke. Tuition ain’t no joke. The little funds you do have seem to be going to replacing your school supplies but the Rocketbook Wave is a better alternative. It’s an investment but one that’s worth it as your notebook can be erased… by microwaving it!

Portable Power Bar

The only thing worse that being in a long, boring lecture is having your technology die on you. So, keep your anxiety at bay and always make sure you never leave your dorm without a portable power bar .

Laptop Desk with Power

In about 50 years, our generation is going to look like a remake of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Everyone is constantly looking down at their technology and it’s really bad for your health. So, grab a laptop desk that also dubs as a charging station.

Flexible Power Strip

Your dorm desk probably looks like an electrical store with all your wires flying everywhere. So, use a flexible power strip to keep things organized and to increase your productivity this semester.

Device-Charging Bag

This bag charges your devices . Need I say more?

Ilumi Bluetooh LED Bulbs

Start replacing all your lightbulbs with the Illumi ones because they can be customized to turn on at certain times to replicate the oasis of a sunrise. No more waking up in the pitch dark! Plus, they can connect to your blue tooth and change color depending on the beat of your music. Can you say party?

Back to School Motivation

Back To School Quote Wall Decal Sticker

This funny wall sticker is a must for everyone heading back to school. Post it up in your dorm room, and you’ll have all the motivation you need to finally stop pressing the snooze button and get to class. Or, you’ll have a reminder that coffee and wine can help make the semester significantly easier.

So, when you’re out shopping for your back to school essentials, don’t forget about the back to school items that will truly make a difference! Shop The Decal Guru today for all your dorm decorations. 

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