9 Halloween Décor To Turn Your Home into a Haunted House

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Just when you think you think you want your house to be a home, Halloween arrives and you want to turn it back into a “house”. The only difference is that this time, you want to make it haunted!

To get the real deal, you’ll have to set up some candles and do a weird séance that channels the dead. Otherwise, you can set up a haunted house using these awesome Halloween decorating ideas.

Start in the Driveway

Zombie Family Car Decal Sticker

Let the city know your spooky secret by sticking this zombie family car decal on your back window. As soon as they see your car in the driveway or driving down the street, they’ll know that your house will be the best decorating on the block.

Haunted House Sign

What good is a haunted house if no one comes to check it out? Hang this Halloween sign and see who is the bravest on the block.

Flying Ghost Lights

If you want people to come check out your haunted house, they have to know that your house is haunted. Light up the exterior of your home with these ghost lights and you’re ready for the rest!

Toilet Trouble

Zombie Wall Decal Sticker

Don’t limit the Halloween fun to the strangers walking through your haunted house. Give your family a fright as well with this spooky zombie hand toilet decal .

Bloody Candy Dish

Make sure you keep the haunted Halloween theme going for the entire night! Forbid the kid-friendly candy bowl and hand out the treats in this bloody candy dish instead. Only the bravest of kids will dare to trick or treat at your house this year.

Witches, Beware

Decorate your haunted house with this witchy art , and you’re certain to hear some screams!

Channel the Dead

Is a house really haunted without a Ouija board ? No way! Decorate with this replica and you’ll have the Halloween theme set just right.


Dolls. Need we say more? Add in plenty of dolls and your house will instantly come off as haunted. Dolls are just so creepy!

Grim Reaper

Hang a 4 foot tall grim reaper in the corners of your haunted house and you’ll definitely get some screams!

Don’t forget to add in some spiders, cobwebs and spooky music, and your house will finally be haunted! For everything else – or for when you’re ready to turn your home back to normal – shop The Decal Guru. We have all the wall stickers you’re looking for - haunted and not! 

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