9 Steps to Decorating a “She Shed” like a Pro

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She sheds are where it’s at right now! Let the special man in your life have his “man cave” because with these awesome decorating ideas, your she shed is going to be so much cooler! Decorate the walls with  wall stickers from The Decal Guru and use these tips to make your shed the ultimate outdoor oasis!

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Tree Wall Decal Sticker

Whether you’ll be using your she shad as a place to garden, craft or sit down and relax, bringing the outdoors inside will help create a relaxing environment. So stick on some tree wall stickers to kick start your she shed decorating.

Outdoor Lights

Who says a she shed can only be practical during the day? String some sparkling outdoor lights and make use of your new outdoor living space. It can be the perfect place to unwind before you call it a night.

She Shed Sign

It’s your she shed, and you need a sign that makes sure everyone knows this is your space. So, grab a she shed or even create your own!

Heavenly Entrance

Your she shed is supposed to be the ultimate place to rest and relax – and do whatever it is that you want to do. So embrace the heavenly elements of your new space with a heavenly entrance way by hanging dreamy curtains and giving the exterior a fresh paint job in a light tone.

A Walkway Haven

The walkway to your she shed is just as important as the decorating tips you use on the inside. So lay some stone, plant some fresh flowers and stick on spotlights in to light your way to your safe haven.

Light the Interior

The key to keeping things fresh and relaxing is to use light toned decorating tips within the interior of your she shed. Stick with pastels, or chic neutrals to create a clean space that is open and invigorating.

A Place of Inspiration


Lady Quote Wall Decal Sticker

She sheds are the perfect place to channel all your inner creativity. Add in a splash of inspiration with quote wall decals that speak to your she shed purpose.

Smart Storage

You simply won’t feel the oasis of your she shed if it’s a cluttered, dirty mess. So, incorporate smart storage options to get the most out of the small, simple and sweet space.

Outdoor Seating

Your she shed is just as much about the exterior space as it is about the interior. Create a little nook outdoors that allows you to choose where and how you’d like to relax and/or work on your craft.

If you’re ready to implement these  decorating tips, head on over to The Decal Guru and pick up the latest designs for your she shed. 

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