9 Ways to Turn Your Humble Abode into a Haunted House

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Hold on to your hats! It’s about to get spooky in your neighborhood. With these awesome Halloween haunted house decoration ideas, you’ll have the scariest house on the block.

Welcome Sign

Is it really a haunted house if there isn’t a spooky sign sending your guests in the direction of third destiny? Absolutely not. So, add this haunted house sign in your front yard to let the screams begin.

Bad to the Bone

Skeleton Mac Wall Decal Sticker

A haunted house is never complete without some skeleton bones laying, or rather, sticking around. Add this  skeleton mac decal onto your belongings and you’ll be ready for a scare.

Skeletons are Scary

You know what we said about skeletons! Now it’s time to add the real deal into your home with this witch skeleton figurine .

Haunted Luminaries

Lights and haunted never go hand-in-hand but a faint yet spooky glow is always a must. Add these awesome Halloween luminaries into your home for a scary dim in the night.

Ghastly Garland

Speaking of lights, spooky garland is always an excellent way to lead your guests on the right path to their terrifying destination – your home. So, don’t forget to line these Halloween lights along your front yard and in your home.

Ghost Galore

Ghost Mac ] Wall Decal Sticker

Friendly ghost, smelly ghost, stinky ghost, oh my. There’s no need to look any further because The Decal Guru has all your ghostly needs with this one haunted mac sticker.

Halloween Wreath

If the entry way into your home doesn’t give a scare, you’re not doing something right. So, trade in that friendly, vibrant holiday wreath for a Halloween wreath instead.

No One Likes Spiders

Since no one likes spiders, they’re the perfect addition for your haunted house. This one has a gold glow that will sparkle, or rather, startle in the night.

Argh, Mate

Pirates are always terrifying. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jack Sparrow or the nicest pirate on the planet, they’re certain to give a fright.

Need more spooky Halloween décor ideas for your haunted house? Shop The Decal Guru today. Our wall stickers are easy to stick and just as easy to remove. So, if you want to bring the friendliness back into your interior, you certainly can – and with ease and no residue leftover. 

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