Are Mac Decals Safe for Apple Products?

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You just dropped $1000 + on a new Apple product. Perhaps you upgrade your iPad to the new iPad pro, traded in your 8 for an iPhone X or maybe you have a fancy iMac sitting on your desktop or a Macbook you carry around with you wherever you go. Whatever Mac products you have, you know how sacred they are. Heck! With the massive price tag attached to them, you take care of your Apple products better than you take care of yourself.

Air Jordan iPad Wall Decal Sticker

But there’s one thing that high price tag doesn’t come with and that’s personalization. Sure, you get a nice white apple sticker, literally – a sticker of an apple – but that really doesn’t set you apart from everyone else who has the same sticker.

So, you start to consider Mac decals and stickers . However, before you start slathering stickers on your expensive tech devices, it’s important to know if stickers are safe for Apple products. And you guessed it – we have the latest scoop.

Not All Stickers are Created Equal

Before you start slapping stickers from who knows on your Mac products, it’s important to know that not all stickers are created equal. Any stickers or decals that are not designed for Mac products aren’t recommended because they can be impossible to take off. Now, chances are, you’ll smash your screen long before you can re-sell or trade in your device for an update, but just in case you’re one of the few who is able to keep their Apples in mint shape, you’ll want to steer clear of just any ole’ random stickers.

Not All Mac Stickers are Created Equal

Now that we’ve ruled out all the basic, generic stickers, you’re left with decals designed for tech devices. However, these aren’t all created equal either. Just like everything in life, there are good products (ahem, Apple products) and bad ones (ahem, Androids). Jokes aside, you do need to consider the quality of the Mac stickers you plan on personalizing your device with.

Stick With Vinyl Mac Decals

Vinyl Mac decals are your safest bet. They’re designed with utmost quality and not only do they go on nice and smooth, but they’re just as easy to remove if need be. The Decal Guru designs Macbook decals for Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, as well as iPad decals that fit any generation.

Snow White MacWall Decal Sticker

The best part? Our selection is vast and our quality is top notch! S

So, are Mac stickers safe for your device? Yes, as long as you opt for top quality, vinyl Mac decals from The Decal Guru.  

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