Can Wall Decals Go On Doors?

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The world certainly doesn’t fail to surprise when it comes to all of the places  wall stickers can be applied to. From cars to walls, desktops and other pieces of wood furniture, wall stickers can be an excellent way to add some personalize and originality to each surface within your home.

But what about doors?

If you’ve signed onto your social media account lately, you’ve likely seen plenty of people decorating their doors with wall stickers. However, as you hopefully haven’t found out the hard way, what happens on social media should sometimes stay on social media. So, today, we are going to get to the bottom of it with regards to whether you should open the door to this unique decorating idea, or quickly slam it shut.

Wall Decals on Doors

Frozen Quote Wall Decal Sticker

In short, yes wall decals can definitely be applied to doors. However, there are same things you have to consider such as:

Is the Surface Flat?

If you are planning on applying a wall decal to a door that is not flat – has ridges, bumps, lines, etc. – think again. While you can still apply it, you do run the risk of the wall sticker not looking so great as they’re designed to be applied to flat surfaces.

Is the Surface Clean?

So, your door is a flat surface? Great! Now, the next thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not it is clean. It’s important to follow the same steps to applying wall stickers on walls when applying them to other surfaces, and cleaning and drying the area is a huge one not to skip over. Otherwise, you risk having the decal bubble or fall off.

Does it Fit?

Not all wall decals are the same size. So, unless you’ve ordered a custom size or have triple-checked the dimensions, you’ll want to go back a couple of steps. Fortunately, most of our wall decals at The Decal Guru come in sections that you apply, making them ideal for various places in your home including doors. But this is certainly something you want to check before making a purchase.

Now that you have the green light to transform all of your boring, plain white doors into artistic masterpieces, it’s time to head on over to The Decal Guru to find some  door decals, or rather, wall stickers for doors.  

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