FAQ About Wall Decals

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Cherry Blossom wall decal

You asked and of course, we deliver once again! Here are more frequently asked questions about vinyl wall stickers, so you can start redecorating your home easily and quickly.

Where can wall stickers be used?

Anywhere! As long as the surface is smooth and the steps to using wall stickers have been followed precisely, you can start sticking! Windows, doors, car windows, laptops, desk tops, tablets, you name it!

What rooms are ideal for wall stickers?

There’s no limit – that’s what makes wall stickers so wonderful! You can stick them in any room that needs a little update, from your bathroom to your kitchen, hallway, basement, storage space, and more.

Can I use wall decals outdoors?

It is highly recommended to use the proper wall decals for their specified use. For example, vinyl wall stickers are for indoor use whereas car decals are designed for cars and the environmental elements that the decals will come in contact with.

Will your wall decals leave residue?

Nope! Our vinyl wall stickers are designed with utmost quality to avoid any residue left over. However, it is imperative to follow the application process perfectly to ensure proper applying and removal of the wall decals in the future.

Do you customize wall decals?

Absolutely! All of our wall decals can be customized with different colors of your choice and we also make custom wall decals. So, whatever you want, you can get it right here right now at The Decal Guru.

Have more questions about wall decals? Shoot us a message and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about our vinyl wall decals for you.

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