How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Dorm

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Living in student residence is no easy feat. When you aren’t up studying all night, you’re up all night because your next-door neighbors won’t be quiet. #DormLife. But, you also know you’d never give up all these awesome experiences for the world. After all, college is one of the best times in your life and if you’re not heading home for Thanksgiving, you’re about to see just how wonderful college life truly is.

Wear These Thanksgiving Leggings

Gobble, gobble! If you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving in a dorm, you have to dress the part, and these Thanksgiving tights are it!

Hang This Banner

It’s not Thanksgiving in a dorm; it’s Friendsgiving in a dorm and this banner is a must.

Drink Beer Out of These Koozies

For all the beer drinkers in the dorm, make sure they’re drinking in Thanksgiving spirit! These beer koozies will do it.

Drink Wine Out of These Cup

For all the wine drinkers, make sure they’re drinking out of these Thanksgiving glasses.

Hang This Turkey

Because let’s be honest here, this is probably the only turkey that’s happening in the dorm… Unless you’re taking cooking classes.

Wear this Shirt

You need something epic to wear with your new Thanksgiving leggings and this shirt completes the package.

Stick This Wall Decal

Flower Decal Sticker

Because Thanksgiving means fall and fall means leaves falling and this wall sticker is basically perfect. The colors can also be customized to suit your dorm style or the autumn weather.

Wear These Socks

Because turkey and wine while wearing comfy socks is basically the definitely of Thanksgiving in a dorm.

Place This Jar

You’ll definitely have many memories you won’t want to forget when celebrating Thanksgiving in a dorm. So, this jar is definitely a must!

Throw on These Pillows

Toss these Thanksgiving throw pillows onto your dorm bed and you’re ready to get comfy and drunk…. That’s what Thanksgiving in a dorm is all about, right?

When your Thanksgiving is over – and your hangover has subsided – decorate for the next holiday with the fully  customizable vinyl wall stickers at The Decal Guru. 

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