How to Create a Little Mermaid Themed Bedroom

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For all the parents with little one’s aspiring to be a mermaid, you’ve probably been asked a million times for a Little Mermaid themed bedroom. And while you love the idea of transforming your little girl’s bedroom into an ocean, you have no idea where to start. So, allow us here at The Decal Guru to help you! Here are some awesome ways to create a Little Mermaid themed bedroom.

Deck Their Tech

Little Mermaid Mac Decal Sticker

If your child has an iPad (hasn’t every parent lost their iPad to their kids?), decorate it with some Little Mermaid Mac decals . It’s an affordable way to add a little extra something-something in there for your little ones without having to break the bank.

Stick on a Mermaid Quote Decal

Little Mermaid Wall Decal Sticker

Instead of painting your little girl’s bedroom (and spending hours doing so), simply stick a mermaid quote wall decal on, and call it a day! Can you say #WallDecoratingHacks101?

Mermaid Glow

Add this unique, handmade mermaid lamp in your little girl’s room for a magical glow.

Little Mermaid Light Switches

It’s amazing what switching out the electrical outlet covers can do for the bedroom theme. So, don’t skip over this small detail.

Mermaid Table Lamps

Speaking of lights, make sure to add in some Little Mermaid Table Lamps .

Isn’t It Neat?

Some comfy mermaid pillows are a must in any mermaid bedroom!

It’s Mermaid Time

Even if your little one can’t tell time just yet, there’s no denying that this Little Mermaid clock is a must have within any Little Mermaid themed bedroom.

Mermaid Tail

Every little girl with a Little Mermaid bedroom needs a mermaid tail to snuggle up in.

Mermaid Shelving

Swap out those boring shelves for mermaid-approved ones!

Decorate the Door

Don’t forget to decorate the door . Your little girl will be so excited to see this hanging every time she heads to her room. It’s a nice reminder of what she’s walking into… Her very own magical water world.

Mermaid Nightlight

The smallest details often make the biggest impact, like this Little Mermaid night light !

Enchanted Ocean Glow

Since you’ll be sticking vinyl wall decals in your little one’s new mermaid room, it only makes sense to enjoy some vinyl lights too!

Custom Mermaid Letters

Your little girl’s mermaid bedroom will be complete with these custom letters .

Don’t Forget the Door Knobs

Remember, it’s the small details that count. So, switch out those boring door knobs for these mermaid ones !

Still have some empty walls? Head on over to The Decal Guru and shop our wide selection of Little Mermaid wall stickers that are perfect for every mermaid themed bedroom. 

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