How to Decorate your Home for a New Year’s Eve Party

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With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for your party. From décor to wine glasses, champagne and more, hosting a New Year’s Eve party can seem like a task that isn’t worth the time. However, with our awesome vinyl wall stickers and decorating tips that are just as easy and convenient, you can decorate – and clean up – in seconds.


Inspirational Quote Wall Decal Sticker

No New Year’s Eve party decorations are complete without some inspiration. So, make sure to stick some motivational quote wall decals on your walls before the ball drops.

2018 Straws

2018 straws are definitely a must for your party! This small and affordable detail can make a grand statement within your interior.

Cake Topper

Speaking of ‘2018’ themed decorations, don’t forget to grab a New Year cake topper !

Booze Balloons

While regular balloons are definitely needed, no New Year’s Eve party is complete without one (or two) massive, decorative, statement-making balloons floating around the room.

Balloon Tassels

You know what’s better than balloons? Balloons with decorative tassels !

Goodbye Banner

New Year’s Eve is like the only time when saying “goodbye” to something feels good! So, string this banner and embrace saying farewell to a rather interesting year.

Star Wall Sticker

Star Wall Decal Sticker

Anything that sparkles and shines some glitz and glam is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, and these star wall stickers definitely do just that.

Photo Props

If there’s one thing that’s going to go down on New Year’s Eve (in addition to the ball drop), it’s selfies! So, make sure you have your photo props ready for all the photo ops!

Decorative Ties

Hair ties, bag ties, bottle ties, oh my. These little decorative ties will serve many purposes upon your New Year’s Eve party.


For everything else, sprinkle some confetti on it!

See some bare walls? Decorate them before the big day with some vinyl wall stickers. Keep them up all year round or take them down once the New Year comes.  

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