Spring Colour Trends for 2018 Interior Design

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Look no further for the spring color trends for 2018 interior design.  The Decal Guru has a list of the best, and what’s even better is that we make it easy to add the trending hues into your home. All of our vinyl wall stickers can be customized to suit whatever color palette you’re going after this spring season. Here are some ideas to get you started!


Shape Wall Decal Sticker

Looking for a neutral color that isn’t too boring? Sage is the perfect choice. The green-greyish hue is gentle and soft, but far from boring.

Deep Violet

Princess Wall Decal Sticker

Deep hues aren’t typically found on the spring interior design trend but 2018 is a time for change. Opt for gem-toned violets instead of pastels to pull off this dramatic yet provoking shade.

Dark Plum

THINK Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Another dark and dramatic purple color on the spring color trends list for 2018 is a dark plum. It’s dramatic and bold, and certain to add some excitement into your home.

Ocean Blues

Girls Quote Wall Decal Sticker

When looking at blue hues this spring season, look deep into the ocean because the pastel turquoises that are usually popular during this time have taken a back seat to deep, dark, ocean hues.


Milky Way Wall Decal Sticker

Gold not your thing? Yellow not your color? Choose the trending marigold color instead that finds the perfect medium between the two. It’s a bit 70s, a little rustic but super shiny for the spring season.

A Little Rose

Rosary Wall Decal Sticker

Pour yourself a glass of rose because blush is one of the chicest, most feminine color trends for spring 2018. This salmon-peach blend is a perfect alternative to those boring neutrals.


Astrology Wall Decal Sticker

Just saying this color makes us want to dance! Caliente is a moody red that is dramatic, passionate and equally elegant.

Burnt Orange

FLoral Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Speaking of salsaing the night away, here’s another spring color trend that is certain to add some spice into your sway. Burnt orange is the perfect tone for an interior all-year-round.

…And that’s only to name a few of the top trending colors for spring 2018. If you have something else in mind, we can do it at The Decal Guru. As mentioned previously, all of our  vinyl wall stickers can be changed to suit whatever tone you have in mind. 

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