7 Frugal Ideas for Creating the Perfect Kids Room

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Kids grow up fast, and as they change, their tastes do too. Fortunately, overhauling their rooms when they switch from dinosaurs to astronauts to pirates doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a peg leg. Here are seven ways to create the perfect kids room on a budget.

1. DIY Hanging Accessories

If your child wants to sleep in the clouds, you can make hanging clouds from cotton batting, wire, and some fishing line. Just as simple is making tissue paper pom poms to hang above the bed. It might sound like a third grade art project, but the results can be stunning.


If you want more of a challenge, try making an origami mobile. It’ll add a touch of movement and a splash of color to your kid’s bedroom.

2. Small Touches

Decor is all about the details, and those small touches range in cost from very little to nothing at all!

Try to think creatively about materials you already have. For example, spare bits of ribbon can be used for bows on dresser handles. With some leftover paint from another project, you can add polka dots, hearts, stars or other patterns to walls or furniture. Any spare picture frames you have lying around can go towards creating a gallery of your child’s current masterpieces.

3. Repurposing Old Furniture

Yard sales and thrift stores often have outdated, but still perfectly useable, furniture for extremely low prices. Sometimes all these pieces need is a little bit of elbow grease and a fresh set of paint.


4. Paint Outside the Box

Who ever said paint had to be the same color for all four walls?

You don’t have to be Michelangelo to get creative with paint. Painting in patterns -- stripes or polka dots -- or creating an accent wall are easy ways to add some flair. You can also use stencils for a little bit more oomph. If you’re truly daring, you can go for a mural.

5. Get Into Decals

If the thought of painting an intricate mural scares you, you can use wall decals instead. With decals, you don’t need artistic ability to turn your kid’s walls into a masterpiece. They’re an easy peel-and-stick way to match practically any theme your child can dream up, from underwater to sports to fairy tales and more.

6. Make a Headboard

A headboard is a major focal point of any bedroom, but many kids rooms don’t have them because they cost too much. You can easily make a headboard for your child with just plywood, batting, and some festive fabric.

7. Break Out the Fabric

Fabric isn’t just great for headboards. You can change the look of an entire room, by sewing new pillow covers, making new curtains, or chair cushions. Try using bold patterns or festive fabrics that match your child’s room’s theme.

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