A Chic Gender Neutral Nursery is only 6 Tips Away

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Nursery Wall Decal Sticker

A baby is on the way and you have no idea what the gender is. How exciting! Although, it can be just as nerve-racking especially when it comes to decorating a gender neutral nursery. White is great, but as you’re about to find white and babies don’t mix! Fortunately, with the trend of gender equality and gender neutral products, you’re really not at a shortage for decorating tips for your nursery. So, here are some of the awesome  gender neutral themes and décor you can add into that little space that will soon be occupied by a little one!

Nursery Wall Stickers

Nursery Quote Wall Decal Sticker

The first place to start when decorating your gender neutral nursery are the walls. You don’t want something too girly, just in case you have a boy, and you don’t want something too boyish in case you have a girl. The struggle is real. The easiest thing to do that is incredibly stylish is to leave the walls white. Then, use nursery wall stickers to add in a splash of personality. Stars with an adorable quote work for whatever baby you pop out, or even the tree friends forest decal seen at the beginning of this post.

Everyone Loves Animals

Speaking of which, animals are great! Both boys and girls love them, and they’re perfect for gender neutral décor. So grab some safari art, like these gems. They have the perfect amount of color to add in a splash of chic interior design, without being too specific to a gender.

Not So Plain Pillows

There’s a common misconception that a gender neutral nursery has to be plain in order for it to apply to either a girl or a boy. False! Just check out these awesome pillows. They’re the perfect tones for whatever kind of little one you have, and they’re super adorable.

Baby Bedding for All

Baby bedding can be a tough thing to buy. You don’t necessarily want anything too light because we all know they’re about to become really messy. Overfilled diapers and overfilled tummies are never light-tone friendly. But if you go with a bold color, it could be too gender-specific. The secret is to go with baby bedding that has all kinds of colors! They’re perfect for all babies – boys and girls.

Sleepy Time for Boys and Girls

Mobiles are another baby item that tend to be either pink or blue. This nursery mobile one is awesome because it has several different colors that appeal to both girls and boys. And as you’re about to find out, sleep is very important – and well needed.

The Right Light at Night

So, what about the lighting? We all know you’re going to need it at 5AM when your baby is crying for food. This is the one thing that can be white, and it’ll help keep the nursery balanced with the right amount of light, white and color.

As a new parent, you may very well feel insane. So, a neutral white nursery will feel more like an insane asylum than your baby’s bedroom. These unique nursery decorating tips collaborate neutral décor items that bring a balance of color, brightness and gender-neutral style into the room. Shop The Decal Guru for even more awesome nursery wall stickers, and start prepping because before you know it, he or she will be here! 

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