8 Tech Gadgets to Start your 2018 Off Right

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As the new year fast approaches, it’s time to add some new gadgets into your life. As a self-proclaimed tech nerd, you don’t need us to tell you the advantages of technology – it simply makes like easier and better. The more gadgets you have, the better and these are the tech gadgets to have for 2018.

Mac Decals

Superman Mac Decal Sticker

Mac stickers might seem like such a simple thing to have but having the ability to dress up your technology is a great way to 1) make sure you know which device is yours in a glance and 2) show off your personality. So, sticker up in 2018.


Mental health awareness is one of the best things that came out of 2017 and the Spire device allows you to track your emotions well throughout the new year.

Vimble S

Gone are the days where people lug around massive DSLRs to capture some moments. Every uses their iPhone and 99% of the time, the photos turn out great. That 1% where their fuzzy can now be taken care of with Vimble S , an iPhone stabilizer.

Power Bank

Speaking of your smartphone, chances are, it’s your life line and you need a power bank because lately, your life line’s battery has been dying way too quickly. So, might as well decorate it with some Mac stickers. While this one is shown on a Macbook, The Decal Guru can custom make anything you want!

Hereo Watch

The Hereo Watch is literally a hero that watches over your kids while you’re gone. This GPS tracking watch could actually be a life saver!

Prynt iPhone Case

One of the coolest tech gadgets for 2018 is the Prynt iPhone Case . With this awesome gadget, you can print photos as soon as you take thme on your smartphone!

Wi-Fi Range Extender

When you can’t seem to get your Wi-Fi to connect because your router is all the way in the basement, use a Wi-Fi Range extender . Simple plug it in and surf the net!

Bluetooth Tracking Device

Track basically anything in your life with this Bluetooth Device tracker. Since you love your tech, you likely hate when you lose it – and it happens way more than you’d like to admit. With this little gadget, you’ll always know where to find your stuff.

When you’re ready to make all your tech gadgets look awesome, head over to The Decal Guru and custom design some vinyl stickers

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