12 Educational Decorating Ideas for Classrooms

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Any teacher can have a classroom but not every teacher turns their classroom into the ultimate learning space. Infuse educational opportunities into the nooks and crannies of your classroom interior with these educational wall stickers and classroom décor ideas. No matter the subject, we have the classroom decorations you need at The Decal Guru.

Inspire Your Class to be Unique

Be You Quote Wall Decal Sticker

The Be Yourself  quote wall sticker is a great piece of motivation for students. Growing up can be tough; trying to find out who you are and who you want to be can be even more difficult. Remind them that the best person to be is themselves.

Motivational English Wall Decal

Be English Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Educational quote wall stickers are the best classroom décor ideas because they’re unique, can be customized, and are just as motivational as they are educational. This classroom wall decal would be perfect for English class.

Personalized Class Birthdays

Give each child a special day with this awesome piece of classroom décor . If their birthday falls during the summer months, let them remove their little piece during their half birthday (6 months from their birth date).

Hollywood Hall Passes

If your school runs on a hall pass system, this classroom décor idea is a must. Although it isn’t too educational, it’ll make listening to the rules fun and easy for you to manage.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Teacher Happy

These apples look delicious but they’re also great for classroom décor ideas that provide educational opportunities. Decorate your teacher desk with things you can use during demonstrations and educational games.

Classroom Rules

Customize a list of classroom rules and hang they in the room. These little reminders are fun, visually appealing, and will certainly get your students’ attention.

Sharks are Put into Perspective

Not only is this classroom décor item interesting but it’s also educational. It’s a fun way to show your kids how big the world is out there.

Don’t Forget the Rules

Place this classroom décor by the door so your kids remember the hallway rules.

Personalize your Classroom Clock

Add in a touch of visual stimulation and personality with a personalized classroom clock .

Mini Terrariums

Bring nature into your classroom with these mini terrariums of dried mushrooms. This can lead into many learning opportunities for inquisitive kids.

Tiny Da Vinci Model Catapult

Depending on the age of your students, this Da Vinci Model Catapult can be the perfect addition to your classroom. This piece of educational décor can lead to many lessons about engineering, science, mechanics, inventions, and so much more.

Inspire Some Writing

Add in a pop of color that encourages some education with this unique classroom decoration.

Keep learning fun with these awesome classroom decorating ideas. If the walls are still looking bare, head on over to The Decal Guru for more educational wall stickers

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