9 NYE Decorating Ideas to End The New Year with a Bang

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Don’t take down your holiday decorations just yet! New Years Eve is right around the corner and with these DIY NYE décor ideas, you can transform your Christmas space into a New Year celebration. 

Snowflake Wall Decals

snowflake wall decal

Don't peel off your snowflake wall decals just yet! They're the perfect addition for a New Years Eve party.

Add In Some Gold

Grab some gold paint and gold sparkles, and you can transform anything into NYE decor with this awesome DIY decoration idea. 

NYE Centerpiece

Bring your loved ones around this DIY NYE center piece. It's the perfect addition to your party.

Champagne Balloons

Look what the perfect collection of balloons can do! Transform any space in your home into a NYE party masterpiece with this DIY decorating idea. 

Christmas Bulbs for NYE Vase

If you're eager to take down your Christmas tree, put the bulbs in a clear vase for the perfect NYE DIY decor idea

Mason Jar NYE Decor

Paint some empty mason jars, add some matching straws and you have a quick NYE decor idea that allows guests to help themselves. 

Glitter Cups

Dip plastic champagne and wine glasses in glitter and stack them into a celebration!

DIY Ball Drop

What would a NYE party be without a ball drop? Create your own with this awesome DIY NYE ball drop idea

Star Ambiance

Add some sparkling ambiance into the space with a string of starry lights.

Visit The Decal Guru for more New Years Eve decorating ideas and holiday wall stickers. 

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