5 iPad Decals for Kids Who Won't Let You Have Yours Back

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Oh, kids and their iPads. What was once your favorite personal purchase is now your child’s lifeline. Kids now-a-days are absolutely addicted to iPads. Heck! It’s even some children’s first word. So, as a parent, you know how essential it is to either let your little one have an iPad to call their own or to give up on fighting to get yours back. It won’t happen.

So, decorate your little one’s iPad with one of these iPad stickers for kids to make sure they know which one is there’s and which one is not theirs and not for little sticky fingers.

Juice Box

Kids iPad Decal Sticker

What better way to designate your child’s iPad as their own than with an iPad sticker that tells you exactly why the screen is all goopy and sticky! Hopefully, they’ll keep the juice box on the sticker and not on the iPad. Although our iPad stickers are high quality, they aren’t waterproof!


Batman iPad Decal Sticker

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with loving batman even as a grown adult. However, if your child is totally obsessed (more than you), than let them have the Batman iPad decal so they stop grabbing yours.

Little Pony

Little Pony Mac Decal Sticker

If your little one is more “Little Pony” than Batman, this is the perfect iPad decal for them. You can even customize the Mac sticker to suit their preference!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster iPadDecal Sticker

The best way to keep your kids off your iPad is to decorate theirs with an iPad decal, and you simply can’t get more obvious than a Cookie Monster sticker .

Sesame Street

Muppets Decal Sticker

Speaking of cookie monster, another awesome iPad decal for kids is the Sesame Street one. It’s a classic and it’ll make sure they know which iPad is theirs to play with.

Repeat after me, “The iPad with the cute little iPad sticker is yours. The iPad with the adult iPad sticker is mine.” Good luck, parents!

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