9 Awesome Decor Ideas for Coach's Corner

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There’s something special about being a coach. Their job isn’t just to show kids how to play the sport. It’s about molding these little kids into amazing human beings; it’s about teaching them dedication, hard work, commitment and team work. It’s about being an extra parent, an extra teacher and an extra mentor. And the best coaches in the world take their title very seriously. If this sounds like you or someone you know, here are some awesome coach gift ideas that will transform any room into their very own coaches corner.

Our Coach

What does it mean to be a coach? This coach décor truly sums it up!

Hockey Family

Very rarely will you find a hockey coach in a home that doesn’t love hockey. After all, it’s a family sport and Saturday night hockey games are a family event. So, this hockey house décor is perfect for every coach.

Can’t Keep Calm

For coaches and avid hockey fanatics, we can all relate to not being able to keep calm when hockey is on. And these hockey coasters are the perfect addition to every hockey home.

Hockey Coach Sign

Every hockey coach needs a unique hockey sign to show off in their coach’s corner.

The Great

No coach’s corner is complete without a message from the Great. Wayne Gretzy’s quote , “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” has been made famous, and for all the right reasons.

Pick Bottle Opener

For coaches (and adult hockey players), games are always followed up with some brews. And what better way to make sure you can always celebrate after a win with a puck bottle opener ?

Coaches Award

Coaches get medals too! After all, they’re the real MVPs. So, this hockey medal hanger is an absolute must!

Coach’s Corner Parking

Add this rink sign to mark your coach’s parking spot because we all know that no one spends more time at the rink than the coach.

Playoff Facial Hair

Beard Quote Wall Decal Sticker

Come the playoffs, facial hair is a must, and if your coach can (or can’t) grow a beard, there’s no denying that he gets chirped about it in the locker room. So, this gift idea for coaches is not only hilarious but totally appropriate for a hockey room.

And we’re only just beginning! As the hockey season wraps up, grab these hockey gift ideas for coaches and more at The Decal Guru. 

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