6 Zen Den Design Tips That Can Be Done on a Budget

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Whether you’re in need of a calming space where you can escape the kids for a little while or an area that allows you to slip into deep meditation, these  zen design tips will help you find that little space of peace within your home – and within your mind.

The Warmth of Scented Aromas

Every zen den needs some scented candles. This zen design tip will set the ambiance of your interior within a flick of a switch, or rather, flick of a lighter or match.

Humble your Interior with Wood Accents

Japanese Cherry Tree

Add in some natural wood accents to add an earthy ambiance that will give instantly freshen up your space with humbling elements.

Not a fan of real wood in your space? Use tree wall decals instead.

Bring in the Green

Birch Tree Wall Sticker

The best zen dens always have various elements from the earth. So, plants are a must and as a bonus, they’ll purify the air to make your new calming space even better.

If you’re not a fan of adding real plants into your home, The Decal Guru has vinyl wall stickers for that too.

Splash on a Palette That Makes You Feel Good

Cherry Blossom Wall Decal

When the mood isn’t right, change up the tones. Adding a splash of yellow, pink, bright blues, pastels or even neutrals can be a great way to invigorate the space.

Decorate with Nature

The world has so many beautiful stones to offer, all of which are believed to have different healing properties. So, add in some gemstones, geodes, and slates.

Get Comfy with Pillows and Soft Blankets

Every zen den needs some comfy elements. So, add in some soft, plush textures with stylish throw pillows or even a big comfy blanket to wrap yourself up in.

For more zen design tips, head on over to The Decal Guru and see what our vinyl wall decals can do for your new, quiet space. 

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