10 Ways to Create a Sensory Room in your Home: For Boys

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Don’t be fooled by the common misconception that sensory rooms are for kids with disabilities because they’re great for all types of kids! Having a DIY sensory room in your home can help your little one develop their motor skills, perfect their communication, learn their emotions and self-regulation and much more. So, if you’re looking for bedroom theme ideas for boys, look no further.

Stress Balls

Every child needs some sensory toys in their DIY sensory room, and these farm animal stress balls are too cute not to pass up!

Add Some Shapes

Anchors wall decals

Sensory rooms are all about different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and more. So, sensory room wall decals are absolute musts!

Knot Pillows

Every little boy needs a knot pillow to fidget with and these ones are just as stylish as they are satisfying.

Busy Board

If your little boy is always busy, the Busy Board is a great way to let him release all of his energy and fidgeting, constructively.

Kids Hammock

Kids hammocks are all the rage and have been proven to be exceptionally helpful for children, particularly those with sensory difficulties.

Play Table

If there’s one thing every DIY sensory room needs, it’s a play table. This one has everything you need to keep your child stimulated day and night.

Macbook Decal

Super Heroes Mac Sticker

Kids love their tech now-a-days. So, when your little one is playing on their iPad, make sure it’s decorate with a Macbook decal to fuel their imagination.

Quiet Corner

Create a quiet corner where your little one can calm their sense down or take a couple of moments to themselves with this hanging space ship.

Relaxing Glow

Add some visual stimulation into the room with these unique Kyptonite lights that are perfect for DIY sensory rooms.

Weighted Blankets

Every sensory room needs a weighted blanket or at the absolute least, a weight lap pad.

The first step to creating a DIY sensory room is to eliminate the white walls! Head on over to The Decal Guru and find the perfect sensory room wall stickers for your little boy’s new room. 

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