Your Top 6 Wall Decal Questions Answered

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You’ve got the questions; we’ve got the answers. Here at The Decal Guru, we pride ourselves on being experts. We aren’t just an online wall decal store but rather, we are wall decal artists.. And of course, self-proclaimed masters. So, if you’ve been wondering about vinyl wall decals, keep reading!

True Beauty Quote Wall Sticker

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Apply a Wall Decal After Painting?

Whatever wall you plan on sticking your wall decal on, it needs to be 100% dry. For a freshly painted wall, you need to give the wall ample amount of time to completely try. We recommend a week or two, just to play it safe. On the bright side, you can shop vinyl wall decals today and receive them once the walls dry.

How Easy is It to Apply a Wall Decal

Surprisingly easy! We send you step-by-step instructions when you purchase a vinyl wall decal from The Decal Guru. However, as long as you can wipe a surface, peel and stick, and hold a hair dryer, this task will be one of the easiest to complete on your to-do list.

How Easy is it To Remove a Wall Decal?

Just as easy as it is to apply a wall decal. We make all of our vinyl wall decals with removable residue-free adhesive to ensure a clean, smooth application and removal if need be. Not all wall decal companies add this feature. So, it’s something to look for as it can mean the difference between a pleasant experience and a messy one.

Do Wall Decals Work on Textured Surfaces?

Generally speaking, you can apply wall decals to textured surfaces. However, you must follow the application steps precisely to ensure all sand, grit and debris is removed.

With that said, there are some surfaces and paints that are naturally gritty, which could make it difficult for the wall decal to stick.

Can a Wall Decal be Reused?

This probably isn’t a good idea, as the wall sticker won’t stick the way you need it to the second time around.

What are Cut Decals Vs. Printed Decals?

Cut decals are wall stickers that get cut via a machine, which removes any excess vinyl. As a result, you don’t have clear vinyl surrounding the picture, quote or color. Printed decals are usually lower quality and have clear vinyl surrounding the image, as they are printed onto vinyl sheets and then cut. The precision isn’t as great.

Princess Castle Wall Decal

And there you have it – your top six wall decal questions answered. For everything else, head on over to The Decal Guru. One look at our collection of premium vinyl wall stickers and any questions or concerns you have will instantly be answered. 

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