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Ninja Turtles Macbook Decal

The Ninja Turtles Macbook Decal presents the four mutant Ninja Turtles resting on top of a grassy knoll. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles are a team of four ultra-warrior turtles: Leonardo, Dontatello, Michaaelangelo and Raphael. They are named after four of the most famous artist from the renaissance era. Support The Ninja Turtleƒ_øÇ_¶­Ç_ǝÇ_Ç_Ç_Ç_Ç_¶Ýs quest to rid the universe of evil by proudly displaying this Macbook Decal on your laptop.

Macbook Decal Product Details

  • Every decal sticker is removable and leaves no residue.
  • The lifetime of the vinyl is 3+ years indoors. The lifetime of the decal depends on how much it is touched or rubbed when placing it in a bag or case.
  • All our decals are machine cut from single colored pieces of Oracal 631 Series vinyl. They are not printed on transparent vinyl and have no transparent border.
  • Every decal order comes with a set of application instructions or check out HOW TO APPLY tab on any product page.

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How To Apply

Your Decal comes in 3 layers:
  • A. Opaque Transfer Tape
  • B. Cut Vinyl Decal
  • C. Wax Paper Backing

Decide where you want to apply the decal and hold it up to make sure it will look correct.

Turn the decal face down and slowly remove the wax paper backing.

* make sure the decal remains stuck to the transfer tape.

Carefully apply decal where desired. Smooth decal flat with hand or credit card.

* Once applied decal is not reposition-able.

Use a wet rag to moisten transfer tape. This will help transfer tape become less tacky and easier to remove. Slowly peel away transfer tape. Make sure the decal remains stuck to the Macbook.

*If your decal design has small, thin, or delicate bits be very careful when applying. Take your time.

Enjoy your new decal and tell all the jealous admirers where you got it.

The Decal Guru

Product Reviews

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  1. loved it!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2015

    Such great quality. Definitely will buy here again!

  2. First "guru" decal, definitely NOT the last

    Posted by Ryan Broome on 31st May 2015

    Dude...first heard of this site/company from one of my high school students. Got on and saw some awesome products, decided on the Turtles one...looks cool, mysterious, the turtles are muscular and emanate don't-F-with-us attitude. Was worried about installation but it comes packaged between wax paper and tape, which makes it super easy to paste onto the macbook. I still encountered air bubbles, but they're tiny and hardly noticeable. The material (vinyl?) is thin without feeling cheap, and plasters to the surface perfectly. All in all, a VERY cool product. Only wish the inventory included more Daredevil or Batman