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Lego Evolution Macbook Decal


The Lego Evolution Macbook Decal presents five steps of a lego man’s evolution.  This Decal starts with just one single lego but by the end, our lego man is equipped with lego arms, lego legs and an Apple logo for a head.  

I’m not sure how that happened, but maybe, if we wait long enough all of our legos will grow apples for heads... This is a great decal for children and lego lovers alike.

Product Information

  • All our decals are machine cut from high quality, self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Every decal order comes with a set of application instructions or you could watch our application video online.
  • Each decal is easy to apply to your Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or any other laptop or smooth surface you want to stick it to.
  • Leaves no residue. All our decals are cut from Oracal 631 Series exhibition calendered vinyl that is made with a removable residue-free adhesive.


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  1. This is great!

    Posted by Peter J on 23rd Aug 2014

    Wasn't hard to apply, looks really good. I put it on my Macbook Pro, so far no one has said anything but I see the looks i'm getting. Have yet to open it up in a Mac Store so don't know what would happen then.