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Unlimited Decals Membership - 1 Year


Unlimited decals for a whole YEAR. All-you-can-stick-stickers for 12 months. Endless decorative decals for 365 days.

Seems like a crazy idea, right?

The Founder of the Decal Guru thinks so.

When I pitched it to the owner of The Decal Guru, he kinda laughed and said...

"I'd be shocked if anyone bought it."

Like all great adventures, this project started out as a long shot.

But when we asked all the Gurus on our email list, it was clear there was a desire. They're creative folks like you there, reading this right now. They wanted more ways to express their style and customize their life.

They wanted MacBook decals to make their MacBook as unique as their iTunes Radio. They wanted wall decals to stylize and decorate their homes to Pinterest perfection. They wanted car decals they could throw on to find their car anywhere, anytime... without waving their key fob in the air with the alarm button held down.

So as the Chief Creative Dude at The Decal Guru, I decided to go for it.

The Unlimited Decals Membership was born.

This means you can order as many decals as you want (within reason) for a whole year. It's like the Netflix family plan. Now you can finally decorate your daughter's room like a true Disney princess. Or get that perfect Harry Potter-themed reading room filled with books.

The only limit is your imagination and our catalog of 60,000+ decals.

But before you decide to dive in stickerhead-first, we do have a few boundaries.

This is like a membership. Memberships have rules to keep things fun and fair for everyone. This way, your club stays welcoming and I can keep making you the best decals on the planet.

The best clubs have rules. Here are ours:

1. Be cool. If we feel like you're taking advantage of a this really awesome program, we can choose to cancel your membership and go our separate ways. We promise to issue you a fair refund. No hard feelings.

2. People only. This isn't for businesses. We might do an Unlimited Decals Membership for businesses in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

3. No custom orders. Custom orders take a lot of time for our graphic designers to roll out. Anything already on the site is yours to order as your heart desires (within reason).

4. Low cost shipping. We'll pick up the high quality vinyl, all you cover is shipping. We keep shipping costs low so you're getting all your decals for 60-80% less than everyone else.

5. Have fun. Try out a few decals. See how they fit with your style. If you don't like them, just order another.

That's it.

If that sounds like a good deal to you, add it to cart. Try it out for 30 days at our risk. See if you dig it. If you didn't find you liked the selection or if you just didn't use the membership, drop us a line. We'll give you a full refund.

Give your creative side a place to play. It's no-risk to you. And all the quality, creative, long-lasting decals to gain. Click the "Add to Cart" button now and let's turn your life into a decal lover's paradise.

Warranty Information

Limited to personal use only. One person per household.

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