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  • Sexy is Forever Wall Decal
  • Sexy is Forever Wall Decal
  • Sexy is Forever Wall Sticker Decal
  • Sexy is Forever decal
  • Sexy is Forever sticker Decal
  • marilyn monroe Wall Decal
  • marilyn monroe Wall sticker Decal Sticker
  • marilyn monroe decal
  • marilyn monroe sticker Decal

Sexy is Forever Wall Decal

Ç_ Ç_Famous Quote from Marilyn Monroe, the very talented Model, Actress, and Sex Symbol seen in several Hollywood productions in the 1950s and 1960s. Most likely the celebrity crush of most men during that time along with several decades afterwards, she is thought to be one of the most beautiful actresses of all time. Ç_ Ç_ Ç_

Wall Decal Product Details

  • Every decal sticker is removable and leaves no residue.
  • Leaves no residue when removed.
  • Matte finish to give a painted on appearance.
  • Lifspan of 3+ years (not recommended for outdoor use).
  • No background color. Your wall is the background.
  • Color on both sides if applied to a window.

Included in order:

  • Wall decal
  • Installation instructions
  • Application squeegee tool
  • Practice decal

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Product Videos

The Decal Guru Wall Application Video 01:29

Easy to follow step by step video on how to apply our wall decals.

  • The Decal Guru...
    Easy to follow step by step video on how to apply our wall dec...

How To Apply

Your Decal comes in 3 layers:
  • A. Opaque Transfer Tape
  • B. Cut Vinyl Decal
  • C. Wax Paper Backing

Tape your decal to the wall at the corners and a strip across the middle to create an anchor point. This will hold your decal in place as we apply it in separate manageable sections.

* If your decal is small enough don’t use tape and skip to Step 5.

Carefully peel transfer tape and decal away from wax paper backing until you reach middle strip of tape.

* Make sure decal remains stuck to transfer tape and not the paper backing.

Cut and remove wax paper backing.

Apply top half of decal to wall gently smoothing it down using the plastic applicator card, your hand, or a clothe.

Lift bottom up and remove remaining wax paper backing and gently smooth the rest of the decal down.

Use a wet wash rag to rub down entire decal. This helps make sure the decal is fully adhered to wall and by wetting the transfer tape it makes it less tacky and easier to remove.

* Once the decal is applied it is not reposition-able.

Slowly peel away transfer tape layer.

Make sure the decal remains stuck to the wall. If part of the decal remains stuck to transfer tape just press that part back down and rub it a little harder with applicator card or rag.

*If your decal design has small, thin, or delicate bits be very careful when applying. Take your time.

Smooth out any air bubbles with card or use a needle to puncture bubbles and release the trapped air.

And of course ...
Enjoy your new wall decal!

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